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  1. The good news is that Kit has mentioned in another thread that the forum format is due to something getting broken in an upgrade, and he's working on fixing it. The bad news is that we don't know how long this will take As to Bones V, I'm still ticked off that in AU we've been charged as if it was being shipped from the US, but we're having it shipped directly from AU without going through the US first. That said, I am looking forward to receiving my items, whenever that may be, and this time round they may actually get painted
  2. Chickens love tuna, and T-Bone steaks, and any other meat you choose to give them...
  3. Looks like the CSS was meant to be updated, but some of the code got borked
  4. Considering I'm into into my second week of stress leave I think I need a new method As to recovering from a Steve Irwin encounter I believe a backhoe and plausibile deniability is the go
  5. well, we also have to consider that the Bren isn't as well known as the M1 Garand or StG44 in certain segments of the population, and it was a squad weapon rather than an individual weapon, and the gun results aren't as surprising As to the actual result, it is rather accurate
  6. Answered in the spoiler. I'm a lot better today that I have been, but I definitely need some proper time off.
  7. I've been known to lose my keys, and wallet 'cause I've put them somewhere apart from their normal place I've also been known to 'lose' my glasses, which I wear basically all the time I'm not sleeping I was wearing them at the time
  8. Finally at a point where I can actually say something about the reason I wanted to crawl into a box and disappear last week. Spoilered so that people can avoid the venting.
  9. probably to avoid any potential issues - even though the name itself is from ancient Norse, that's not stopped people from making claims before
  10. I can't quite match that, but I do have minis I bought in 1991/1992 or thereabouts As to Bones Kickstarters I think I have painted a few miniatures...maybe 5 in total....from Bones 1->4
  11. A goat Well, more accurately, another goat I may post a photo at some point, when I can get one edit: photo added
  12. Thanks, I still need to calm down, but I may take you up on that
  13. I believe I need to curl up in a box and disappear from the world for a while hit my limit of everything today
  14. based on comments on the kickstarter there appear to be a few people still waiting on postal services, but not sure if anyone here is included in that.
  15. I agree - need sleep, need water, have a headache and I still see the numbers.
  16. PB anywhere in the house (2 children allergic, one unknown) However when I could have it cross contamination of any type is bad, so use 2 (or 3 if you add butter/margarine as well) Knives!
  17. Quite often when security certificates are updated it takes a few minutes for the details to propagate properly - If you're a regular visitor to the site, or are actually on it when the update occurs you can see this. Most people won't notice anything at all. My advice when you get a certificate error is to close out of the site, wait a few minutes and try again.
  18. Yep, RAAF centenary Kittyhawk and two spitfires with an F-35. The F-35 actually looked a lot more comfortable at that speed than the F-18s I've previously seen flying alongside spitfires - it did a solo display afterwards, but very few photos cause my camera isn't fast enough I did manage to capture a Dragonfly though:
  19. Spot the odd one out (and yes I know my photography sucks...mainly due to the user)
  20. Seen a couple of these in flight, interesting fact: they make a whistling sound due to the airflow over the gun ports...
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