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  1. I usually resize in the slicer to my desired height (or width for some things) as that seems to get the most accurate results. I have had something sized as 30mm in 3d builder open in the slicer closer to 80mm, hence sizing in the slicer.
  2. I'd just lift it and add supports, if you don't need to plug the hole in the bottom you don't really need a drain hole at the top either, because you can easily get in to wash it out. actually, that's my approach to most things, I'll only angle if I can't avoid it
  3. I would say that some probably can be printed and glued on, but others won't work unless they've been merged into the item for printing. As they're all STLs you aren't restricted to using Meshmixer for combining the objects, there are plenty of other programs out there that will allow you to do this (including 3D builder in windows 10)
  4. WE had 72mm of rain last week, but more would be welcome
  5. As with most of us it really depends on what I want the mini for, but well sculpted simple designs are much better than poorly sculpted detailed designs Realistically I'm a lazy painter so details that come up well with washes and drybrushes suit me fine
  6. The small child's Red Beast (she has impulse control issues)
  7. I learned that doing bases for 15mm figures. I've also discovered that thinned spackle works well for doing snow bases, and thinned spackle tinted with the right colours works well for doing mud bases...
  8. Feed - one Australian magpie that hangs around our chicken coop so that it doesn't swoop us during breeding season Attract - since we've been in this house we've seen general bird life increase significantly - Fairy Wrens, various finches, Superb Parrots, Lorikeets and others. We put it down to the fact that we don't have a dog that chases everything that moves! Also have an echidna and various lizards that we see wandering around
  9. ears aren't quite the right shape, but the expression of disdain is just about perfect (ok, so we have alpacas)
  10. Well, with child in tow you'll need to move from Early to Obscenely Early when leaving the house, as children add a minimum 10 minutes every trip... As for me, I used to be early, and prefer to be early, however children and wife have a different concept of 'on-time' than I do...
  11. I've used MDF bases for a lot of things, they are usually absolutely fine - if anything my experience with MDF is that it's better than Plywood for this application
  12. Depends on the book Lord of the Rings, for example, I normally skip the entirety of 'Frodo and Sam Walking' that makes up half the two towers Last book of Wheel of Time I usually skim through a lot of the final battle, it just doesn't read quite right to me Other books I usually read the entire book, although I've also been known to pick up a book and start reading from a random page
  13. Of course, they could be 720k... but that would still be bigger than the HDD on my first computer...
  14. Truck I'm sure your imaginations can take care of the second part of it
  15. the ones that are sold are mostly ones that are no longer suitable for using as freight for various reasons. also, it may not be so much there is global shortage of shipping containers, but that there is a shortage of containers in the right place, and in the hands of the right company - a company that has a couple of thousand containers already is unlikely to buy more just because they're stuck on the docks in England and are needed in China, they'll make everyone wait until they can get their containers where they need them From my perspective it sounds like we may get ours marginally quicker this time around, although in this case I do think that Reaper changing to actually shipping direct to Australia rather than shipping to the US and reshipping to Australia has resulted in us paying more in postage than what we otherwise would have (i.e. I can wear a higher shipping charge if it's going to the US first then back to AU, but if it's coming direct to AU I would expect the shipping rates would be closer to our actual rates, but then again AusPost has gone to a different charging model - with flat rates up to 3kg (6.6lb) as long as they fit within given dimensions rather than absolute weight based charges)
  16. Lucinda = monster = whingy kitty Parfait; Artemis; Matilda; Freya = Those bloody goats Led Zepp; Kaiser = the boys (these two are Alpacas, they came with their names) 1) I have the longest hair in my family 2) I hate swimming 3) I've scored a perfect 60 in an archery end after shooting at least 50 arrows
  17. Yes, but in this case there are quite a few people waiting who didn't have particularly large or complex orders - in my case it was a basic dead battalion pledge with two added characters Apart from prioritising EU material to get it out before Brexit their descriptions have been pretty much that they're being done fairly randomly
  18. True. and there are plenty of free parking spaces or I just park it on the lawn At least they wouldn't be able to clamp or tow it
  19. I've got the space to park a tank. unfortunately the reason I want a tank wouldn't fly, the powers that be won't accept a tank as a perfectly legitimate form of ensuring my safety on the road Of course, parking it when I got to work may be another problem
  20. My father does He cannot take any story being told about him that makes him out as anything other than the hero Hence I haven't spoken to him in about 6 months and haven't seen him since Christmas 2019
  21. Shetland Pony oh, wait that's not a mode of transportation, that's a mode of staying in the same place and getting very frustrated. c.f. Public Transport
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