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  1. No celebration here, although my wife and kids did have an Easter Egg hunt (apparently I hide things too well...) All of them. Actually, I've mostly worked out solutions to the various colours that normally cause problems...generally it's about picking the right basecoat at my current rate I'll be fine for the foreseeable future At 1 mini a day I'm still good for the foreseeable future
  2. Yes - currently blood bowl and warhammer total war (only 1, my computer is only just able to run it...) Enjoy both of them, but currently playing a lot more Skyrim than anything No, No and No They do, I have them from there
  3. I'm in the same position. There's no 'must have' for me at the moment, but if Hakir contains enough then I may be in.
  4. prefer to keep them to the same size, sometimes can't avoid mixing. Much easier to keep sizes consistent with 3d printing though... Technically Yes, but more practically this is due to the exageration inherent in miniatures, so as long as the weapon isn't stupidly oversized and fits with the mini in question it's fine by me. Wargods
  5. For non-ranked gamesI prefer differences in pose between minis For games with ranked units I prefer minor differences so they aren't identical, but posed in such a way that they'll rank up
  6. well I'm supposed to be working on our property this week two minor problems... 1) It's been raining....and raining...and raining (273mm/11" yesterday) 2) Due to above there's flooding between where my accommodation is and where our property is so I'm just going to sleep today
  7. Ancient Egyptian Humans Shelf of shame, not really, it's the boxes of shame that do me in Minis languishing the longest...18mm ancient greeks...30 years and counting
  8. I've got some fairly early 18V stuff from a different brand and it had exactly the same problem with one of the charger types (funnily enough, the 'slow' charger, the rapid charger has never had that problem), but at the same time I suspect that they've all got a lot better are thermal control etc. for the batteries
  9. Used to use red and black a lot. Not so much now, but that's because I'm aware of my default setting
  10. [Marvin the Martian voice]The Kaboom, there's supposed to be an Earth shattering Kaboom[/Marvin the Martian voice]
  11. To be fair, it's not far off the accuracy of many of the books
  12. well, it's not hard to have read all the good books on Ancient Egypt, most of them are rubbish...either that or they're more closely related to fiction than not same with most books on ancient [insert desired culture here] for the one you want, you could ask if you're the only one who borrows it, and convince said librarian that it's taking up valuable shelf space for the benefit of a single person if you are...
  13. Have you thought of using a graphing tool? Something like Kumu may do the job for you (they build network graphs based on connections) Trick with these is that you define the connections and it then builds the graph with spacing as you define... I'll see if I can get a screenshot of something I've done for you Works better if you can actually interact with it - clicking on the points allows you to see what they're connected to https://kumu.io/ratsmitglied/dba-enemies#dba-map
  14. I'll post what I posted in the inspiration thread: Pick a random model and a random paint, use that colour on the model, finish of that model, then pick a complementary model to work on - typically I also use at least one colour from the first model on the second model. If the random model is a mook, dig out all matching mooks and do them, then continue above. Another thing I've been using is that on another forum I'm a member of they have a monthly painting competition (mostly just a bit of fun, the winner gets to pick the next month's theme), so I've been taking part in that. My normal 'pressure' for getting stuff done is trying to get a new army painted for a Wargaming tournament I would normally attend in January, but I haven't been for the last two years, and I'm also mostly out of models to paint for my preferred game system, so I've reverted to the above methods.
  15. Pick a random model and a random paint, use that colour somewhere on that model, finish painting that model, then pick a model that complements it as your next model...if the model you pick at random is a mook, find all matching mooks and paint them at the same time Not really a strategy, but it works for me
  16. Lottery cause then I can work my perfect job (my perfect job doesn't pay enough to live off
  17. Or Tuesday mornings, or Thursdays, any time of day Actually, just don't do upgrades (at work our worst system upgrade went in on a Tuesday morning, 3 weeks later we were still dealing with the fallout)
  18. Only when torturing people by singing along...
  19. Thinking back across all the works I've heard her 'sing' on, I don't think she ever sings actual words... OR keep the second one for that inevitable moment when you can't find either of them.
  20. Presuming that this was aimed at my response.... For context our pets are Goats, therefore Trees are food
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