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  1. Quite probably. They only swoop in breeding season, and they've decided you're worth swooping.
  2. Mine took 3 days, so about average, bang in the middle of their estimated delivery
  3. Mine has arrived - it actually arrived at the Post Office yesterday, but I wasn't able to pick it up until this morning. I've checked everything I ordered was included, but no inventory as yet...something to do with having to work today...
  4. Well AU shipping is definitely continuing, as my shipping notification arrived today. If I'm lucky I'll have my Bones on Friday
  5. Handy enough Put up picture rails whilst the house is getting repainted and the painter thought I'd done a better job than he often sees. Hate...nay, detest, painting, won't touch electrical, will do minor plumbing work that doesn't involve getting into the walls or black water (so replacing kitchen mixer taps etc) Not a huge fan of rural fencing, but our goats haven't got through a fence I've built, so obviously I don't do too bad a job Lego....oh wait, I still have all my Lego from my youth the only other thing that comes to mind is my Optic Wonder, which was stolen from me at some point
  6. It is a vague approximation of the sound that a cranky Alpaca makes....which is about the only time they seem to make much sound
  7. well, Alpacas have a general disposition that involves 'Canids are BAAAAD' Typically working dogs that have to go anywhere near Alpacas need to be specially trained, and have the Alpacas trained to not react to them. Otherwise Alpacas will try and chase the dogs away, and it is not unheard of for dogs (and foxes) to be killed by Alpacas So I believe that this may be M.E.O.W. trying to negotiate terms with GRRNGH regarding how to deal with the W.O.O.F menace
  8. 1. The Sarissa precision buildings my wife bought for me for a birthday a few years ago 2. set of RPG dice - I'm not an RPG gamer and at the time the only games I played used D6s or D10s...they were also a pattern that although nice was impossible to read (I think they were chessex hurricane, the contrast between the gold pips/numbers and the background is poor at best, they look a lot better in photos!)
  9. I just picked up the STLs for Amazons and Scythians, which is what I planned to pick up (realistically I just want the Scythians, but these aren't separated so *eh*)
  10. Colloidal silver is silver ions in suspension in water...and it only turns you blue if you drink too much of it
  11. AW does distribution for multiple kickstarters, as well as being the distributors for a range of different game systems, then doing direct-to-client sales. They do have a separate team pulling kickstarters to their normal duties, but I'm pretty sure the entire operation is smaller than Reaper.
  12. Yeah, I had the Monster Numbers book in my list of outstanding ones, and he eventually managed to get that one completed.
  13. Put a ticket in with Aetherworks regarding my concerns about packing peanuts - they've apparently flagged my order so that they don't use them, but we'll see what happens...
  14. So for anyone trying to work it out, that was a touch over 2400km, or 1500mi, in the last 5 days, or the equivalent of northern coast of scotland to south of england and back again... There was a reason for it, but what happens there is dependent on a few answers we're waiting on
  15. Did you get an email saying it was sent at any point? And I really wish places wouldn't use packing peanuts, not only do they get everywhere, but more often than not (in AU anyway) the biodegradeable ones are made using Wheat Starch, which is a bit of a problem when you have people with wheat allergies in the house 😞
  16. 6hr drive Sunday, 7 hr drive Monday, 2hr drive Tuesday, 7 hr drive today, 6hr drive tomorrow I think forgot something in there cause I end up back where I started...
  17. I did have a GREAT reason, I just can't remember what it was One cerby was not enough, I do recall that, I just don't recall exactly why Anyway, it wouldn't be Zeus and Hera, it would be Hades and Persephone
  18. And here I am in AU trying to remember why I bought two of the Greek expansion...I'm sure I had a reason, but not if was a good reason
  19. Definitely - my paid employment is all about data ingest, data transformation, and interoperability of data systems. Because of the nature of the data we are lucky enough to be able to pick a data standard and make sure that the data meets that standard, but all our systems are interlinked in such a way that there is no way it could be managed with Excel and manual processes. No arguments from me on this, I agree that it's easy to tell people to calm down and wait, but for those of us who are waiting it's incredibly frustrating, and not helpful. I try and make sure that the only time I tell people to calm down and wait is when it's in my main job, where sometimes it takes literally days for a process to run, so waiting is ALL you can do.
  20. Considering my knowledge of databases I would say that this is not a simple job - the database is set up to give each account a single pull list, and each email address is only permitted a single account, which means that in order to do what you are suggesting they would need to change the underlying database tables quite significantly. I could do it in excel in 10 minutes as well, but there is no way I'd try doing it in a database due to things like database keys, unique fields etc.
  21. They're UPS's retail rates. Reaper's rates are something that they've negotiated with UPS for these shipments.
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