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  1. My only claim to fame regarding weird errors is the fact that every single Mac I have ever used has crashed on me. And that is just in normal usage I would expect that to happen if I was coding, but not when just using a web browser or other built-in software. Of course, when I'm coding I do get some weird errors, but that's due to using the wrong function, trying to get a function to do something that it wasn't designed to do, or when the interpreter we're using has been upgraded to the latest version and I'm used to how the old version works.
  2. 156mm of rain since Wednesday.... It's a little wet (long term average rainfall for our area is about 600mm per annum)
  3. Get our house on the market Get plans for building new house sorted
  4. Spoke too early, we've now had more rain, and hail Not a bad model...I don't think I ever had that one (a mate acquired all my RSN models when I was doing a cleanout)
  5. out of interest, which ship? it's not raining here today...we had 50mm of rain across two days already so it's a bit wet (especially on top of the fact it was already wet...all our water storage is overflowing.
  6. Land...2.2Ha (~5.5ac) thereof - settled on it today. At some point I'll have to make a 14 hour trip to fence it...then we have to build a house...
  7. Not actually sure on this one In terms of what I can remember, concussion, sprained ankle or the 1" gash down the centre of my left palm would be the top of the list So nothing too serious
  8. I was actually thinking of the Harmonic Theatre when I made my post...but I suspect I realised it wasn't really suitable even with the additional internal detailing set you can pick up On to the glacier lodge, it actually reminds me a bit of a few of the theatres I've been to, and yes, the stage isn't really a stage, more that the first floor is a large foyer - although typically you'd have doors out the back into the theatre proper. Looking at your requirements again the Carnavon Shophouse may be worth looking at, or Breyfogle logistics (this one would need a bit more work I think) But yes, most of these are designed more for wargaming, so detailed interiors are a bit low on the ground! Looking back at Sarissa Precision - the Retail Unit model may also fit your needs - it has a couple of internal rooms already
  9. This would be more appealing to me if they had multiple poses rather than being monopose, but they do look like nice models did anyone pick up the dinosaurs, and if so can they give a review?
  10. Sorry for everyone who is currently going through skies like this: This was our place in about December 2019 before 7am. It isn't pleasant by any stretch.
  11. I believe the same could be set about dumbest functional humans and really smart pigs Makes it easier to build pig bait stations, because very few other animals can get into them... It's caused some interesting discussions in my workplace - we have one server that runs on CET, whereas everything else (include us) is on AEST, so someone was doing some troubleshooting and wondering why the timestamps on these items didn't make sense. I asked if the timestamp was 8 hours out...that solved that confusion - luckily the problem wasn't related to dates (in this case)
  12. I know this has been mentioned before, and I can confirm that it definitely works for gmail (and my work email), but if you add +[something] to the end of your email most providers see it as going to the same address - e.g. [email protected] would go to [email protected]
  13. I'd say it's like the joke about lawyers, but when it comes to politicians it isn't a joke. I think that's partly the nature of the world at the moment, I'm finding myself in a similar situation, unfortunately the solution is always easier said then done - just don't ask me what that solution is. Even something I should be happy about - like the fact we've found a 5 acre block of land to buy - I'm worrying about.
  14. well, that's me working from home for the foreseeable future
  15. It is indeed an Australian Magpie - which are not Corvids. Our local magpies tend to hang around in pairs unless they have young, but some do form larger flocks. And I know a few people who've managed to befriend their local magpie
  16. Waited out a hailstorm under an underpass, said hailstorm had golf-ball and larger hailstones and if I'd been where I was not 10 minutes earlier I would've been caught out in it, Why was I there - had taken my son to the museum and he suddenly decided that we needed to leave - NOW - if we'd been any earlier or later leaving we would've been either watching from inside the museum and probably had no way to get home, OR caught in the hail where there wasn't a convenient underpass This Hailstorm
  17. Quite probably. They only swoop in breeding season, and they've decided you're worth swooping.
  18. Mine took 3 days, so about average, bang in the middle of their estimated delivery
  19. Mine has arrived - it actually arrived at the Post Office yesterday, but I wasn't able to pick it up until this morning. I've checked everything I ordered was included, but no inventory as yet...something to do with having to work today...
  20. Well AU shipping is definitely continuing, as my shipping notification arrived today. If I'm lucky I'll have my Bones on Friday
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