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  1. My packages were at this status for 3 and 6 days respectively until they were reported as having been processed though the sort facility in Australia. After that processing it was 2 working days until I received them. The information that they'd been processed into Australia was the last piece of information that I received before delivery (and the information about being out for delivery etc. wasn't updated until 6-8 hours after they'd been delivered).
  2. The undertaker orders are retail backers from the kickstarter, which are limited to US and Canada only. As far as I understand commercial release to distributors is being delayed until a week after shipping to kickstarter backers is complete.
  3. The half of my shipment that had been identified as scanned into Australia has now arrived, this contained figure cases, the vampire box, 2 of 3 wyrmgear and the paints, leaving all the big add-ons (including the rest of the dragons) still to come...
  4. Thanks - that means mine may turn up tomorrow (which would be good, as otherwise they'll turn up to work when I'm not there)
  5. Were the any updates on the tracking beyond the 'processed through sort facility Australia' status?
  6. My shipment is split, both boxes processed in Chicago on the 19th, one box flagged in the USPS system as appearing in Australia last night, no idea where the other one is... Shipping notification received on the 17th/18th...
  7. Same with mine - one box is apparently in Australia, the other box is still apparently in Chicago...
  8. Mine are still saying Chicago (as of 19th July), so no idea where they are currently hiding! Hopefully they are in the country and will arrive by Thursday, otherwise I'm hoping they don't get to my shipping address until next Wednesday (31 August) as I'm going away for a few days...although there is someone else who can pick them up, I'd prefer to be there :-)
  9. Not the last truck - there are quite a few people still waiting to get notifications.
  10. The Australian order I have shipping notification for is 34 items, so the theory that it is the large orders before they changed the shipping order probably holds true, as a colleague with 9 items hasn't received their notification yet.
  11. Notifications received for Vampire + 33 line items headed to Australia today - 2 shipments so I'm guess the 5 figure cases are responsible for that :-) Colleague who has Vampire + 8 items hasn't received their notification yet.
  12. One thing I really don't like is when companies add 'early bird' pledges AFTER people have already pledged.
  13. I'm not a fan of early bird specials that provide a substantial discount, as it does create a bit of resentment from people who miss out, however early birds that provide a bit of a bonus for pledging over a specific amount early I don't have a problem with.
  14. I should make it clear that although I am frustrated with the delays, I'm not annoyed with the Reaper crew And as I hit submit at the same time as Bryan....I'll also say that I'm very, very glad that they took the time to sort out Kaladrax when they found out about the trouble
  15. I know that the issue has been getting the truck from USPS so that they can actually send them, however I'm starting to get a bit frustrated with it all as well.
  16. The PDF rulebook has been added to the painter levels, and from their most recent comment the x8 Demigod set is likely to get bonuses if sufficient funding is reached...
  17. Mine is what you get when playing with internet translators between various languages including Dutch, English and German from a known starting word (interestingly I couldn't get it back to the original word...)
  18. If your email has gone to [email protected] my crack Bomb Squad team will get that resolved for you as soon as possible. That's where I sent it :-)
  19. Received mine yesterday and inventoried....there was an error which I've emailed them about (now to see what happens...) They are nice figures though:-)
  20. I'm aware that there may be some delays with Chibi, but they've been very good at communicating, so I'm definitely not irritated with them :-)
  21. well, of all the ones technically overdue, only Bombshell has been good with communication (Chibi & Reaper are the only two coming soon that aren't overdue IMO). So that leaves 3 projects that are overdue & have been less than communicative.
  22. [Coming Soon (some overdue)] Reaper Bones Bombshell Babes Fanticide - additional figures (sculpted after the end of the campaign) Chibi miniatures [Overdue] Evil Baby Orphanage stretch goals Hell on Earth Miniatures [Not due yet] Blackwater Gulch: Rebels & Reinforcements (July) Through the Breach (September) Rivet Wars (September + Q1 2014 for some of the figures I want) Midgard (July, expecting delays) Gnomish Adventurers (September) Godslayer (April, but I'd selected some figures not yet sculpted/available so expected June/July, progress seems good) Torn Armor Empire of the dead: requiem Right now I'm a little annoyed with the communication from the overdue projects, particularly one where emails and messages through the KS system have been routinely ignored.
  23. Mine was also on the 29th, and comes in at -- Vampire x1 $100 -- Ebonwrath x1 $10 -- There Be Dragons x2 $30 -- Deathsleet x1 $10 -- Clockwork Dragon x3 $45 -- Red Dragon x2 $20 -- Nethyrmaul x1 $25 -- Kaladrax Reborn x2 $20 -- C'thulhu x2 $20 -- Deep Dwellers x1 $7 -- Frost Wyrm x1 $10 -- Figure Case x5 $125 -- Mythos Monsters x1 $10 -- TownsFolk II x1 $4 -- TownsFolk x1 $5 -- Fire It Up! x2 $10 -- IMEF Marines x1 $6 -- Chronoscope x1 $11 -- Jabberwock x1 $10 -- Starter Set 2 x1 $18 -- Starter Paint Set x1 $18 -- Undead Paint Set x1 $18 -- Spider Centaurs x1 $10 A couple of friends added things in on my order as well... I'm expecting a May shipping date :-)
  24. I like George.... Also known as Kabaka Kwana, Ape Lord https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ape/latest/03052 For the record, I use him as an Abominable Snowbeast in my Wendigo warband for Wargods, he's about the right size (that's a 50mm base that he's on)
  25. I can't call any of mine George, that name is already taken...http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ape/sku-down/03052
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