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  1. Excellent news. At least it was a relatively easy fix.
  2. Soft date was defined in the update as 'week beginning', but yes, they won't be shipping until at least Tuesday.
  3. That sounds about right. Maybe Friday Unless there's some other arrangement that we're not aware of, such as an agreement about who is permitted to post updates on Bones 5 I of course have other thoughts that should not be shared in polite or impolite company
  4. That makes sense, Hopefully it's an easy fix (once you've identified the problem)
  5. Baby rabbit that the cat brought in Worms from the Wheel of Time
  6. That button would've broken months ago so we'd still be having tech problems trying to get critical systems working again
  7. Where's the water? If there was a leak in the pipe I'd expect to see some water around the pipe, although from your description it appears that there is a second pipe inside the one that runs off to the top of the photo? Unfortuately not something I can diagnose from a photo. I'm guessing that the pump is either on or off and isn't a pressure pump? One day I'll post a photo or two of the pumps I have to work with :-P
  8. I had to repair a pipe over the weekend - running from the pressure pump for our garden/stock water to the nearest tap. Luckily for me it was where I thought it was rather than somewhere else in the 100m+ of piping and wasn't too deeply buried If I was vaguely local to you I'd offer to help out, but as I'm on the other side of the world (more or less) that really isn't feasible
  9. well, that sucks. Spoilered if you don't wish to read the details In other news, our goats escaped yesterday so I've spent this morning redoing the electric fence...in the rain (so the fence has been broken for about 12 months, they've just not gone through it until now)
  10. Haven't walked out of a movie, plenty I've changed the channel on, but don't ask me what they were. Did come very close to walking out of Star Wars episode 2 though (didn't even bother going to see 3 cause I found 2 so excruciating)
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if they do include some of that sort of stuff - my editing was more along the lines of helping out and providing feedback rather than actually being engaged to do it, but they felt I contributed enough to be credited for it.
  12. Just quietly, Croc games is planning another smaller scale kickstarter to add some extra sculpts to the Sebeki...with the plan being to have everything sculpted prior to launch, and limiting the scope (the problem with the last one was that they had an original, small, scope planned, but introduced extra stretch goals because of consumer demand)
  13. So many to pick from.... In terms of which one has had the most use, that would be Collide's Bent and Broken (music) But otherwise I'd have to go with Wargods of Olympus (I'd be remiss not to pick that as I have an editing credit)
  14. the answer to that really depends on the database software you're using Some are easy, some really are WTF and then you have the data models that people put into them, which go from easy to so far beyond WTF that even people with decades of experience go WTF
  15. CIV 5 is arguably the better game anyway. I've been back on CIV 3 recently...
  16. First Sunday after the first full moon after the march equinox
  17. Congrats say farewell to sleep for the forseeable future
  18. I have absolutely no idea...probably some text-based thing though Earliest I remember playing is something I wrote in BASIC, but don't ask me what it actually did...
  19. Something that actually counts as music, not most of the rubbish that seems to be released these days. Can't decide between orchestral or metal, so I'll go with Apocalyptica
  20. I believe that the iPoison has something to do with that Back when there were PC vs Mac commercials people realised they needed to learn about technology, then modern dumbPhones came along and everyone forgot they needed to know anything... THis sort of crap is why we have our consumer protection laws in AU, unfortunately just because we have these consumer protection laws doesn't mean that the companies actually bother respecting them, or anyone bothers policing them
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