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  1. and here we are in AU, where the distributor has had everything for over a month, and [redacted] are [redacted] I may be a little peeved about this (on top of the excessive shipping charges we had to pay because we were billed as if items were being shipped from the US)
  2. Human Children - Plaguebearers Goats/Chickens- Compost Bins
  3. Depends on the meeting and how my internet is behaving on the day...
  4. Pick a sport, any sport, I don't know that anyone in my 'town' plays a team sport at all as for the name The Dregs
  5. Was any reason given for why the shipper decided it was ok to hold onto the items for an extra month? Or is it just part of the regular service from [redacted]
  6. Having two petrol-powered chainsaws, sometimes the battery powered one is very, very tempting
  7. Work out exactly what the wishes I want are and ensure that they are worded in such a way that the Genie is unable to find a loophole that results in a bad outcome first then wish for: [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]
  8. Public service announcement If putting picture rails in a house, use proper picture rail mouldings rather than cutting a corner off the back of a skirting board moulding If you must do the latter - finish the job! (so today has been spent installing picture rails as they weren't done previously, and the previous occupants of the house used skirting boards cut so they could be picture rails, but only did one room...of course, it also doesn't help that the house isn't square. Still have one more room to do)
  9. Just 'finished' reading Raymond E. Feist's Serpentwar saga I use the quotation marks because I get about halfway through the first book and start questioning why I bothered, but sheer pigheadedness makes me at least skim read the entire series
  10. I have these in my back yard, and have to avoid them when driving (they love sitting in the middle of the road with their heads up, I'm sure you know the pose I mean, getting the sun). Also had to free one stuck in a fence once (thick gloves were the order of the day, they have a nasty little nip on them) mine are definitely not domesticated On the ship front I'm sure my kids would've loved one, but I have no use for it, and I also couldn't put as much into Bones V as I'd originally hoped due to required works on our house.
  11. There is absolutely nothing interesting about where I live Except for the Kangaroos in the back yard
  12. Half-finished would be considered an improvement on the current state of most of my projects
  13. Knights of Dice have some stuff that would probably be suitable, but they're based out of Australia. The Sentry City (Old Town and Chinatown) range would be your best bet if they do have something suitable. It does look like they have a couple of stockists in continental Europe so you may be able to avoid international shipping
  14. I consider my collection small which it probably is compared to yours but most people think it is large...
  15. Aetherworks is one of the primary distributors for gaming materials in AU (which is part of the reason for my distaste for them), in addition to doing kickstarter fulfillment. I'm pretty sure they have a large warehouse available, with additional space on the property that they could use to store containers should it be required. I agree that it seems weird, but it's consistent with my broader experience with them overall (i.e. weird practices)
  16. Based on past experiences I've had with Aetherworks, unfortunately I can see them sitting on something for months. The oddity is that they haven't posted it to their farcebook as being in the queue when they supposedly have all the containers. There is the possibility that they haven't posted it to the queue as they are processing it as part of their normal distribution agreement with Reaper rather than as part of their kickstarter queue...but I wouldn't rely on that. [further comments redacted] I'm pretty sure the AU region was dead last (except for stragglers) in every kickstarter except #1, and that was only because #1 shipped direct and wasn't split into regions - of course it also meant that due to international postage AU backers received theirs last (or close to last) anyway.
  17. Excellent news. At least it was a relatively easy fix.
  18. Soft date was defined in the update as 'week beginning', but yes, they won't be shipping until at least Tuesday.
  19. That sounds about right. Maybe Friday Unless there's some other arrangement that we're not aware of, such as an agreement about who is permitted to post updates on Bones 5 I of course have other thoughts that should not be shared in polite or impolite company
  20. That makes sense, Hopefully it's an easy fix (once you've identified the problem)
  21. Baby rabbit that the cat brought in Worms from the Wheel of Time
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