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  1. First Sunday after the first full moon after the march equinox
  2. Congrats say farewell to sleep for the forseeable future
  3. I have absolutely no idea...probably some text-based thing though Earliest I remember playing is something I wrote in BASIC, but don't ask me what it actually did...
  4. Something that actually counts as music, not most of the rubbish that seems to be released these days. Can't decide between orchestral or metal, so I'll go with Apocalyptica
  5. I believe that the iPoison has something to do with that Back when there were PC vs Mac commercials people realised they needed to learn about technology, then modern dumbPhones came along and everyone forgot they needed to know anything... THis sort of crap is why we have our consumer protection laws in AU, unfortunately just because we have these consumer protection laws doesn't mean that the companies actually bother respecting them, or anyone bothers policing them
  6. I've usually found that the kit itself tells you how much weight you need to add, for 1/72 modern jets (F-15E etc) approx 5g seems to be fairly common.
  7. Yes Favourite at the moment is the Temora Aviation Museum....they have a dragonfly
  8. No Isn't that rather un-Dutch of you ;-)
  9. I worked out why they look wrong - because they've exaggerated the detail on the armour, but the legs and arms have been kept at realistic sizes So they look like 5ft people in armour designed for people who are 7ft tall
  10. I hate mowing the lawn so much that for most areas we've resorted to 5 goat-power instead
  11. apart from the telecommunications we appear to be on par (solar backup rather than generator) but with this country telecommunications are poor to marginal at best, so it isn't really a comparison point...
  12. For 'day trip' my definition involves getting home at the other end of the day ;-) If I don't need to get home at the other end, then your definition is entirely accurate We're 15 miles from our nearest grocery store, but nearest full grocery store is closer to 30, with the nearest full post office (not just branch run out of a newsagency or only open 4 hours a week at the most inconvenient times) about the same And I'm pretty sure you're actually more rural than we are (services in this country are just crap unless you're in a city)
  13. There is a definite correlation, but at the same time I've noticed that in my local area some people won't travel to the next largest town (~40km) and make do with the nearest town even though it has very limited choice, and is missing many services. People in my nearest 'large' city won't travel <30km to get to a store because it's on the other side of a lake...an artificial one at that.
  14. Should I be worried that I consider anything within 300km to be comfortable day-trip distance? Not sure where if you're in that range or not Mind you, my commute to work is about 110km...
  15. Even with 'realistic' proportions their legs and arms seem out to me Probably because you need to exaggerate the fine detail to get it to print, but then they haven't exaggerated the arms and legs to keep the look right Victrix are known for having almost realistic proportions to thier plastics and they don't look out of whack like these do
  16. I'm not sure what it is, but the propotions look off to me as well. It may be that they've been sculpted to realistic proportions, which just don't work for miniatures, but it definitely seems like the legs are too long and the arms are too short
  17. Don't I know it One of my jobs has been working with a system designed for exactly this purpose - automatically de-duplicating records for people, and even with an 'uncertain' classification which dumps records into a system for manual matching we still end up with quite a number of bad merges. Luckily they're mostly records for historical personages so it isn't critical
  18. I should know the first - considering that my paternal grandparents lived through it On the other, my condolences (and by weird coincidence my mother passed away on May 5th 2009)
  19. Under 18, twice (excluding boarding school), once when we moved from a town block to 5ac, once when my parents divorced Over 18. Um....9 times, I think If finances and other circumstances permit we do plan to move somewhere warmer with more land (and my wife is plotting to have me build the house) Nope, no puns here really.... just silly responses to children (e.g. my youngest was asking for a parfait today - my wife makes them - and my answer was that there was one in the paddock....one of our goats is named Parfait)
  20. When ours were that sort of age we found giving 10 minute and 5 minute warnings that we needed to leave the park reduced the incidence of screaming. note: time given in warnings was not necessarily consistent with actual time elapsed
  21. Pumps...the bane of my existence sometimes (we have two pressure pumps, one for house water supply, one for garden water). Luckily the house pump doesn't have to draw from a lower level (it's connected to above ground water tanks, so the gravity pressure from them keeps the pump primed) It does sound like it's sucking air into the pipe, it is possible that the inlet pipe isn't deep enough, or that the pump hasn't primed properly. There should be a small cap on the pump that you can remove to add water, try opening that up and adding water until it overflows. It may take a few attempts to get the pump started Of course, you can also add a photo of the pump etc. and I'm sure that there are a few people here that could help you out
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