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  1. Cool, thanks. All things considered, it's less issue than I had with the last kickstarter and a lot less are in need of boiling, so I'm happy.
  2. Alright, so here's what I've got: 92715: Hellstromme: MISSING ENTIRELY 92727: Decker Lugstampf: Missing Backpack 77015: Bugbear Warrior: Missing Head I lost the email address that I contacted Reaper with last time. Who do I contact to get these replaced?
  3. I like that the bags are numbered. It;d be nice if the spreadsheet broke them down that way.
  4. Yeah, it looks like it'll be a much less herculean task than last time but i'm glad for the resources, at least with the core set. Thanks all. I'm saving the core set for last (though I did a rough paw through) so far besides the two I also found my scorpion came with 2 sets of #3 legs instead of a #2 legs. Not the end of the world, but it goes on the list
  5. Has anyone made a checklist for the Bones 2 minis? Just got mine in and I want to get down and start inventorying and accounting for missing bits (already have a bugbear with no head, and the steampunk power suit guy is missing his backpack) I seem to recall last time some helpful poster had whipped up a checklist with pictures. Anything like that in the offing this time around? Everything looks fantastic this time around, btw. Much less warping than before! Can;t wait to see what's what.
  6. For the record, i'm not impatient or demanding they hurry, I was just wondering if there was an official timeline yet
  7. Any word on when the Pledge Manager will get hooked into a post-KS pay system? The KS ended while I was at work and there's some extras I want.
  8. So, I got my replacement bones bits, which out of (taking a sec to do the math) I wanna say FOUR vampires and THREE Kaladraxes, was one pathfinder dude and one Kali leg. It apparently kept my original order notes from the KS, which means I got this from Bryan...
  9. Well, my brother and I had a little boiler party last night. Between three vampire sets we had more than a hundred minis that needed a little dip, mostly just curled weapons or folded ankles. Almost all of them sprung to life in the boil and set up nicely in the icy water. A few required re-dips, either total submersion or just the troublesome part, and only one, a skeletal spearman with a badly warped base, required enough attention to make me give up in frustration. The others all came out easily. We tried varying degrees of hot and cold water since at times we had to top up the boiling pot (thus cooling it a little) and by the end the ice was mostly melted. But in all cases, once they got soft enough to bend they hardened up after even a few seconds in moderately cold water. We haven;t seen any reversions yet, but only time will tell.
  10. The problem with using the image from the KS page is that a lot of the models are either concept art, in slightly different poses, or in some cases, completely swapped out for different, similar models. The spreadsheet is nice if you have your computer handy but does not print well (way too many pages), But I do remember seeing a PDF that printed out pretty well, taking only about 15 pages. That's what I ended up using. It helps that the PDF and spreadsheet both mention what bag the models are in. Unfortunately they aren't organized in that order, but what I did was open a bag, sort through all those minis, crossing them off on the printouts, before moving to the next bag.
  11. Well, head-count is in. I'm missing the Pathfinder Iconic, and one left leg for a Kaladrax Not bad considering there's four vamps, three Kalies and a bunch of other stuff. E-mail sent, we'll see hwo fast they fix it.
  12. LOL, I've got a long history of expert level model building/modding/kitbashing, but remedial painting skills at best. As a result, I make beautiful models and then never bother to paint them. Well, bother and buggeration! My friend won;t be picking his models up for a while so he asked me to inspect them for him and already his Kaladrax is missing a leg (but has an extra arm) I'll drafting an e-mail to reaper for once I;ve finished my inspection. In the meantime I'll just give him mine (or pull the leg off of mine if he wants to build his himself). not like I'm in danger of painting it anytime soon.
  13. my wyrmgear's legs didn't quite line up right either. I had to actually take one leg out and jam it back in somewhat rotated because if I plugged it in as keyed it wouldn;t line up with the ground. Looks fine now though. Trying to think of something to do with the wings...I like them but they;re just...flat...and there... I may have to cut them up and reposition them, replace the panels with some translucent green plastic I nicked from some toy packaging years ago. I'm reasonably confident that I can excise the panels, dismember the 'fingers'/vanes and use some wire and my trusty hobby drill to rearticulate them in a more dynamic pose. The green plastic I have is pretty flexible, shouldn't be hard to use the original panels as templates and cut new ones Too bad I can't paint worth a damn.
  14. I tried printing it then canceled it quickly when it came up as 72 pages
  15. Thanks for the list, Mistwalker! I was about to print it up when I realized it was gonna be like 72 pages LOL! I wish it could be scaled down some, but this will determinately help I tried doing an inventory just based off the image on the KS, but it was huge pain. some of the models were in slightly different poses, others were still concept art and then a couple of the elves were swapped out entirely. This'll help a lot! We've got 4 vampire sets to go through... And LOL about KAladrax...wow, that explains why his companion mini couldn't get anywhere near his chin...and why she wasn't in the box at all.
  16. I am so psyched. I spent all day liberating my boens from their little plastic prisons and assembling my big 'uns. I've gone through and picked out the ones that'll need the jacuzzi/polar bear experience, but I didn;t think to actually do a headcount on all these lovelies. Is there some kind of Vampire Checklist I can print off? The image from the kickstarter page is handy but it;s very dark and would kill my toner cartridge. Some thoughts though: #1 Thank you Bryan and whomever pestered him on my behalf! I did my KS order with my brother and a friend. I was about to give my brother the box you signed when I noticed the autograph and snatched it back at the last second LOL. He still has the minis he got at the con in Seattle last year in the package, including the "Fighter with @#!&ing bow" I'd have never gotten it back if i;d let him get his hands on it ;-) #2 WOW...just soooooo many minis! My fingers actually hurt by the time I was done opening 500ish bags! (I got two vampire sets for myself) Our entire shipment weighed in at 28lbs according to the shipping label...I can;t imagine how much you guys must've spent on shipping. #3 Kaladrax...OMG Kladrax! I had deluded myself into thinking that Nethyrmaul would be the biggest and most impressive model in the set because he cost $25 and Kal was only $10. Man...I had NO IDEA...he's COLOSSAL! Nethyrmaul fits snugly inside the curl of Kal's TAIL! Rock and all...it's amazing how big this thing is. It rivals my WOTC Colossal Red Dragon. Pricing him at $10 was a huge thank-you to the kickstarter backers and I am SOOOOO glad everyone in my little order group decided to get one. I feel really bad for anyone who skilled Kal in favor of, well, anything really! I almost didn't get him because I thought Nethyrmaul would be better...man am I glad I decided to nab him. #4 Wyrmgear! I am soooooo glad you guys decided to use the name that people on the forums had been using for the Clockwork Dragon, that was awesome and it showed you guys listen. #5 I love the minis and I could never argue with the price I got them at, though I was a little dismayed to see how many of them (about a third by my estimate) have really bad warpage. I'm going to blame the jam-packed conditions of the vampire boxes though. I'm sure the ones in blisters will fare better. But it looks like a simple enough fix and tomorrow my brother and I are going to have a boiler party,
  17. Man, now I'm in the post-KS now of wanting to check the KS compulsively but not being able to. I'm already planning out all the conversion work I can do... Magnetize valkyrie necks, stick metal pins (made from cut up paperclips) into heads so they can be upgraded or downgraded on the fly, so to speak. Magnetize waists of Destroids, build full Defender/Tomahawk/Phalanx torsos, swap out as needed to maximize your destroid arsenal (the bits of detail kibble on their hips could either be similarly modular or just ignored). Bonus: Allows for showing Torso Twists in Battletech. I'm only planning to buy one pack of YF4s, but I could still run it as a unit of 4, so long as no more than 2 are in the same mode at the same time. Similarly you could bump up your super valks and whatnot that way. Either magnetize the missile pods on the support Regults so you can swap them out at will, or else kitbash a whole new set of missile support bits (I'm assuming they would only include one per pod) so that you can upgrade some of those dozens of regular pods. Likewise your Queadluun upgrade bits could probably be magnetized or pinned so that you can upgrade or downgrade on the fly. The main difference between heavy and light infantry seems to be helmets and arm guards...nothing some green stuff can't fix... So much to do...
  18. I upped my pledge to $400...can;t decide if I want Showdown and a few extras, or battlecry and a ton of extras... I do know that if I actually got into the game itself i;d probably play Zentradi...something tells me there will be a elfton of Regults on ebay for cheap come the new year
  19. There's tons and tons of papercraft 1/285 scale building patterns out there, baph, all for free.
  20. Think about what you;re saying. It;s only because you already *have everythign you want* sounds awesome to me
  21. The pure value of the showdown pack is hard to resist, but the main thing I want is variety. I could cut $50 worth of addons going with showdown (I could live with only 2 super valks, and i;d get my extra mirya) but I would still need a monster and armored valks, and would like the eldare, objectives and the radar valk.
  22. Fortunately, it looks like a lot of the specialist models included in battlecry are ones that can be added as upgrades to various squadrons, so even if you don;t have enough for a unit on their own, you could add one or two to an existing unit, most likely. Things are really heating up. I was thinking about lowering my peldge because some of the stuff I want is going into the battlecry, but then they add more stuff I want as add-ons. Battlecry 140 Monster 40 Armored Valks 20 Extra Mirya (for a friend) 15 Super valks 35 (will still want more despite the free one) VEF/1D 30 Objective Pack 1 15 (2 I can make out of spare models) Glaug Eldare 30 I've actually gone up 15 bucks. And now part of me kinda wants the infantry because I could use them in regular scale games to represent people...
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