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  1. This was my post from Oct 2009 and I still have a need for bulk mini's and town people. For the most part I have all the player characters and main non-player characters in metal mini's that i've taken the time to paint as I feel main pieces should be to add depth to the game. I also plan on buying more metal mini's as needed to flesh out the main story as needed. Being able to buy the commonly encountered monsters, town people of all types, and furniture\items inexpensively and in BULK would make my games so much better. Right now i'm using pennies, nickels, and dimes anytime I have more than 4 orcs ambushing a merchant cart. The merchant cart is made from Lego's since I can't find a suitable mini. Inside taverns and on city streets I can't adequately represent the hustle and bustle without using random monster mini's as town folk. I also have to keep detailed notes depending on the encounter of "who is who" ie. orc w\sword is the shop keeper, the goblin is a beggar, etc. Honestly, if I could get a bag similar to the "little green army men" of orcs, skeletons, townfolk, and furniture I would be happier than a dwarf at a buffet with free ale.
  2. I would also like to see Towns folk of all types. city guard\militia, bandits, tavern patrons, and shop keepers. Merchant carts would also be very helpful. The staple monsters encountered in hoards in a DnD game. Orcs, goblins, Skeletons, zombies, gnolls, bugbears, zombies, ghouls, etc. Furniture and furnishings would also sell very well. Right now there are very few options that are available short of making it yourself or shopping Ebay hoping to get what you want. As a dungeon master that relies on mini's and terrain and has to furnish, make, paint everything myself, having inexpensive options that are functional are my main concern. The cost of metal mini's and time paining reduces the practicality for a lot of NPC\monsters.
  3. Scenery isn't as problematic as determining range for archery and spells. I want to make it as realistic as possible base on the scale of the mini for 2nd ed. D&D rules. From what I can see; 1" or 28mm is about 6 feet. Algebra escapes me. How many mm's is 10 ft?
  4. Just wanting some explanations on how to figure scale for table top games. Basically how many feet per milimeter\inch etc. I'm going to start building terrain pieces out of blue styrofoam insulation and would like to get the sizes reasonabley close. I'm also wanting to be able to figure missile weapon\spell range and distance calculation. Also wanting to know what size hex\square grids(chessex mats) you might use and the scale. ie. 1"=?' or 25mm=?'. Please speak slowly, my math skills suck.
  5. I wouldn't mind duplicates if it kept the price down, they are after all just cannon fodder. I would alter the color scheme just enough to tell them apart. I prefer minis over other dice or markers, even if they are less detailed.
  6. Hmm. I'd figure there would be more interest, well atleast from some of the "puritans" among us. I would have really gone for an orc and Drow box set or two especially if reaper did them. These are the primary monsters I use for most normal battles. Anything special I go ahead and buy the individual monsters. I probably would have gotten an assorted towns folk box set as well. Once I move into the new house and have my basement set up I plan on building a few full size scenic terrains. One will be a section of the Underdark, a large set of caverns, caves, lakes, etc. One of the others will be a small town that will be the players home town. It will also be modular enough that I can move thing around enough to represent other towns when the PC's travel. Both terrain settings would be about 4x6'(or more if I go all out). I plan on leaving atleast one set up all the time as a display. The box sets could really help make some areas stand out.
  7. This post was inspired by my desire to buy large packs of reletively like race\type of minis. (see WOTC plastic mini thread). 2 part ?? 1.) So what does every one else use for large scale lair battles or ambushes involving 20+ (insert bad guy of choice)? Do you order a bunch of the orc packs at about $3 a shot until you have enough or do you use green army men, coins, or other like size objects to simulate your BG of choice? 2.) How many of you would purchase a Reaper version of "Hoarde in a box set" if they made one. Take an Orc version, 25 pieces. 10 orc melee soldiers, 10 orc archers, 3 wolves\worgs\orc calvary etc., 1 shaman, 1 leader. Would you be willing to buy a few boxed sets to fit your campaign needs. Would the boxed sets haved to be as detailed as normal Reaper mini's for you to buy or could they be slightly less detailed in order to keep price down. I would deffinately buy many sets for campaign use. I tried to put insert a poll but the board wouldn't let me for some reason.
  8. Well I got the standard: "Your oppinion is noted and will be forwarded to the proper staff member" blow off line. This kinda irks me. I write a darn near full page email and all they can say is that? I would love to see Reaper do something like what I suggested in my letter above to WOTC. I wouldn't care if they were plastic or metal. I just want a bunch of economical minis that are just detailed enough to tell what race it is for when the PC's attack a goblin lair etc.. Orcs from elves from dwarves, etc.
  9. Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for and in some cases pretty much what I that it was. As for NMM I'll leave that to some of you guys. I'm blind in one eye, can't see out of the other, and color blind in both. I also like using colors I can easily reproduce in case I have to repair a ding.
  10. Well, all this talking led to me taking some initiative. I sat down tonight and composed an email to WOTC. If any want to follow suit feel free. Hopefully they will listen.(probably not.) Maybe someone could post a link to this thread, or if the Reaper Gods that be would jump on this idea that would probably be even better(HINT!!HINT!!!). Here's what I wrote: I have been following your pre-packaged plastic miniatures for some time. In a lot of ways I can see how they could be very usefull. On the other hand, I will not purchase these mini's as they are packaged now. The reasons for this are; I buy miniatures as I need them for an adventure or campaign. I prefer metal mini's or mini's that present a higher detail for player characters and major non-player characters. And, I like to be able to customize most of the major PC's and\or NPC's. Most other gamers share the same reasoning and thoughts concerning the WOTC line of miniatures. The true value, to many gamers, would be in producing about 20-25 mini's of the same race, clan, character class, etc. For example, the PC's run into a hoarde of orcs. In a bag of 20, there can be 9 foot soldiers with melee weapons, 9 archers or other type of missile weapon, a shaman, and a chief. The same can be adapted to most of the races that have some kind of communal living habbits. Elves(drow and surface), Dwarves(high, mountain, and deep\druegar), humans( as townfolk, laborers, bandits, barbarians, nobles, beggars, and the list goes on), Gnomes, Haflings\Kender, Orcs, Goblins, Skeletons, Zombies, animals(wild and domestic), basically almost anything in the Monster Manuals. By marketing your miniature line in this way you would be opening yourself up to a much greater customer base. Many of the more involved gamers would leap at the opportunity to purchase ready made battles for their adventures. Many players avoid larger or more realistic battles due to the cost restraints of buying 20+ miniatures(@ about $2.99ea), paints, and the time involved to make each one. Please consider this in your marketing strategy and let me know if you would consider this in the near future. Thanks in advance.
  11. Can anyone make a glossary for me regarding painting terms, and some applications on how things are done? NMM? dry brushing, I think I know this one but juct want to clarify. wet brushing? inks stains washes diaphora(sp?) I'm sure I'm missing a bunch so any other terms used alot that you can think of go right ahead.
  12. Well, seems I'm not the only one to share the idea of cheap bad guy armies. Now the dig question, do they package them where it would be convenient to do or will you have to hunt and peck. I haven't seem tham yet, but I heard they are packaged totally radomly in small packs with no rhyme or reason.
  13. I have only played AD&D 2nd addition. Have read through 3rd ED and 3.5(wtf is that all about??) in the gaiming store. Have never really seen D20 and have no clue about. Can anyone explain the major pro's con's and mainly differences. Please no flame war over my game is better than yours. Just break down the basics of each. Any other games in the D&D type format I might have missed? I have about 30 books+4-5 boxed sets for 2nd ed. So I'm very familiar with it. So if you can explain things in "old skool" it would be much appreciated. Have played the new 3rd ed PC RPG. Icewind Dale II I think. I figured it out quite well but the numbers for combat and armor kinda freaked me out at first.
  14. Anybody have the Spider Centaur? I just got mine and getting the legs right is a major pain in the spinnerettes. Trying to fit and shape the legs is almost impossible. I tried using a blow dryer to soften joints up but not much luck. I'm not a sculptor, or a conversion artist. Won't even attempt it for lack of skill. Also are the center 2 sets of legs identical? They appear to be. Any suggestions or advice? I already have mine glued but plan to get a couple more for a drow type campaign. Oh, also got a second torso. Was I supposed to?
  15. I wouldn't mind seeing something like "bags of monsters" of the most common type of bad guys. Like a bag of 30 orcs, gobblins, kobolds, skeletons, or zombies. Would also like to see a bag of townfolk and bandits. This could fill a big void for the people raiding an orc stronghold or defending a merchant convoy from goblins, etc. With 3 or 4 different variations in the bag. For example in a goblin bag: 14 foot soldiers, 10 archers, 2 shamans, 3 wolves, and a leader or something. I don't want to have to pay $3 a mini plus painting time and cost for 25+ of the same 1 or 2 monster mini's. Something about 2 steps above those little green army men in different classes\races would be great. Plastic but painted halfway decent. Good enough to tell about what they should represent, but cheap enough you can buy several bags of each for major battles. OTOH, I don't think main PC's or NPC's or major monsters should be plastic. That's where real mini's should be.
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