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  1. Good Morning all! Hope you are having fun during the week. Last week day till the weekend!
  2. You could look for vinyl prints/cutouts? (I know my sister does similar for me using her cricut machine) Then you could just iron onto a nice top for your sister.
  3. Ohhh that sounds tasty! Lots of buzzies in the icecream. Crispy Buzzies.
  4. Good Morning all! I hope your days have been going well. Coffee is currently being consumed. More will be required!
  5. Good evening to all! Hope you are having a good morning lol.
  6. Good morning! Tuesday now, which means the Monday is GONE. It was fine for a monday... but still.....
  7. Its starting to get warm here. Not there yet though there were a few days that were very toasty for this time of year. Its certainly no longer cold. Sitting round after work (8.20pm here right now) in a tank top and bike shorts with the back door wide open and ceiling fans on to aid air flow.
  8. Ohhhh cuteness! Used an airbrush I see :) <hugs> for the not nice day. Want a fat buzzy? Good Morning All Hope the buzzies are fat, the coffee is hot and the day is nice. For a Monday anyway.
  9. Thanks Pingo! And yes, you look lovely Sparrow!
  10. It sounds like your collection are a bit older than mine. My little nephews are just starting school and 1.5 years before starting school lol. Wow! Thats a fair bit of traveling. We tend to be a bit lazy in our family. There tends to be a central location we all try and migrate to. If we don't make it, we don't make it (phone calls etc are given on the day).
  11. Good afternoon all! Finally sorted my baby sis's Christmas present. She finally admitted to wanting something, and since finances are tight she is reluctant to buy the fancy planner for next year she was drooling over. PING. Christmas present sorted lol. I have to say though I'm going to sitting sweet this Christmas. She's making me a handbag!!! We looked at patterns this morning so we make one thats useful and fits all my requirements. I can't wait to see what materials etc she chooses (I've loved everything she has ever made for me). Dad & baby bro are getting duty free booze. Mum is getting lovely smelly hand cream, body cream, hand & body wash & soap. (Her main present she & dad share is a coffee subscription for a year. Its been the main present for about 7 years now) Brother in law will be getting steam gift card. Nephews are getting spoilt (science kits, books, colouring books, sticker & activity books, fuzzy diaries, dinosaur eggs made of plaster, smelly pens etc). Christmas is now SORTED!
  12. Thank you Mmmmmmm yummies Thanks! Ohhhh Tasties Why thank you. Nicely buzzing... though it could be the caffeine.
  13. Could be tasty. Might be a bit tricky to get enough buzzies to coat the bacon though.... and catching them fast enough to do the whole thing in chocolate....
  14. Buzzy snacks are good. Though I guess we could do some bacon wrapped, chocolate dipped buzzies?
  15. Back after a long break.

    Its raining and I'm sleepy.  There is of course washing on the line since its raining.

    Snuggly kitty snoozing next to me.  

    1. Pezler the Polychromatic

      Pezler the Polychromatic

      *superultramegahugs* Missed you!