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  1. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. There might even be mini painting happening this weekend (maybe)
  2. Good morning all! Its leading up to be a warm summer. At 8am this morning was up to 27oC (81oF). Not nice!!!!
  3. Good Morning all! Its the weekend. Fat buzzies are now chocolate coated and ready for snacking on. Please help yourselves!
  4. Good evening all! Its now the WEEKEND! Friday work is over and I'm home!
  5. The only other thing I think needs to go on there is basic sewing/mending. The number of people I know who can't sew on a button or take up their own pants is SAD! I know for me (and many of you I'm sure) Basic cooking, sewing & cleaning were covered at home (we had chores we were expected to do, including one night of cooking dinner for the family per week, starting from a reasonably young age). Pets - learned by doing, and that included the mucky side of things (and as an older sibling I WAS expected to help with the littles) Basic book keeping & maint
  6. Fireball bread pudding sounds good, as would Fireball French toast. I expect that Home Ec faded away due to budget constraints. Having enough equipment for a class gets expensive and the classroom can't be used for anything else. It's a shame, really, I got a lot out of the cooking / sewing / woodshop / metal shop sampler gauntlet we all had to do. Made everyone try something new and learn more varied skills. Most deserts can be improved by a good slosh of alcohol in the making. Boozy triffle (add it to the sponge before soaking it in jelly)
  7. Better than realising 1/2 an hour before you need to be at work that today is not Saturday, but is instead Friday. I've done that before.
  8. Banana bread is easy. Just get a recipe that has good reviews - and make sure its from your country because different countries have different sized cups and spoons etc.
  9. I'd say it would be a good all year round decoration... there is no need to have a reason to decorate surely :) Time to look for a new job (in an area that has day shifts?) Grats on the new job!
  10. Good Morning All! Happy Monday. <sigh> (I do like my work, I just like my cosy home more and getting dressed and all is so much like WORK but thats what pays for the home and the toys)
  11. Ohhhhh excitement over numbers. Not going to touch on it except to like bomb all posts.
  12. Good Morning all! Microwave shopping today! (microwave discovered last night it couldn't heat milk for hot chocolate). Hope your weekend is going well!
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