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  1. Good Morning all Hope your day is going well and that Monday has been vanquished. For me.... onto Tuesday.
  2. Baby sister who is a dentist would approve. My Christmas present this year is going to be two crowns (and root canals if needed, sigh), non emergency, but the size of the fillings in those teeth is bigger then the teeth itself almost. I love merino. Mean static (or at least I shock myself regularly wearing it) but its sooo nice (and not flammable)
  3. I don't know. My merino clothing can be pretty evil for static charges
  4. Good Morning all. Tried wow again for the first time in 6 years and it was good. Leveling seemed rather fast, but that could have been partially because I was more than decently geared (dungeon & some raid) for lv 85. It was a good weekend.
  5. Its pouring with rain right now. I think there might have been a few hail stones thrown in as well. I did manage to get 2 loads of laundry dry. I have not yet got round to making internal hard drive external. A good book called my name.
  6. LOVE your paint style. But agree it is very distinct!
  7. Today is a lovely warm summers day. Currently 24oC (at 7.30am) with an estimated high of 30oC and a 60% chance of rain. Hopefully it will not decide to rain. I need to get washing dry.
  8. kay13

    Reaper Calendar

    Alternatively you could order the "25 days of Christmas - random mins grabbed from whatever is near, guaranteed to have x bones and x metal" minis & have them come in individual numbered paper bags to open and see what you got? Probably easier than reaper having to print out new packaging lol.
  9. Do you enjoy yummy flavoured black tea? Or do you prefer unflavoured black tea? Or not black tea? Or herbal infusions? Or an injection of caffeine in the form of coffee?
  10. Pretty weather for you too! Good morning all! ITS THE WEEKEND & I HAVE A COMPUTER AGAIN!
  11. Ok, got the sucker working. Was just that I'd plugged the screen into the wrong spot. At least it was an easy fix. Tomorrow will be the "change old hard drive to external hard drive & extract files" also a "remember what was the program I'd bought a subscription to for virus protection etc & redownload etc" sigh.
  12. Hmmm new computer gotten. Packaging materials removed. Plugged in (including monitor to computer) computer has lights on. Screen getting power, but nothing showing up on screen? Sometimes i love computers. Sigh Little red light above a lock symbol glowing as well as blue power light.