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  1. Sorry, didn't mean to tease, I didn't see a reply had been posted! Its a tongue in cheek sci fi skirmish game. Forget marines and tanks, here we have revenuers, blobs, greys, hillbillies and men in plaid. The mechanics look pretty solid, I plan to play my first game at Hurricon in a couple of weeks. There is a reveiw of it here... http://bringyouragam...l-aar-from.html I am still working on getting my greys painted in and amongst my other game projects!
  2. Hey guys Anyone played this game? What are your thoughts? I just picked up some Greys from Reaper for my first game.
  3. I saw Reaper Miniatures at my then local store Augusta Book Exchange and picked up several of their minis to use as heroes with Lord of the Rings Miniatures Game by GW.
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