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  1. That's it. I'm not painting any more minis until I see a painted version from someone else. I'm apparently blind to details in Bonesium. I've been futzing around with this guy... making him orangey and Thing-like because who needs another Earth Elemental... I NEVER NOTICED THE DINO FOSSIL ON HIS BACK. I just painted over that area the other day and I still didn't notice. Gah. Is the moss just paint? Or did you use some putty to give it shape?
  2. Following the female cloud giant, my gf tackled this guy while I started trying to figure out how to paint the tiny scorpions, put down some colors on the Marsh Troll and started my copyright-infringing Large Earth Elemental. If we take pictures this weekend those might go in a WIP thread. But as always, hers are way better than mine anyway. Based on the comments to the Female Cloud Giant, she tried to up the contrast on this guy by darkening shadows and brightening highlights. She didn't do it to the metallic parts. ( do those have to be done any differently?) Comments appreciated.
  3. Ok, I'm back. Thanks for the likes/comments/tips. I'm trying to pick up a few things but I have little hope for myself (skeleton and rats) because I have almost zero brush control. Are there any tips for improving THAT? I'm just way too heavy handed. I liked the skeleton when I first did him but the more I look at him the less I like him. I think its also one of those "looks ok on the table but fails upon close examinaiton" minis. I've never been going for show-piece, just "slightly more unique and colorful than the prepainted d&d minis". As for the colors... since some of you like him... my radioactive rat was just alien goo and neon pink. I figure since I already have a bunch of prepainted d&d minis, I need to make most of the staple creatures look different. My hellhounds might become ice hounds and I would bet good money that NONE of the dragons get painted basic colors. And I checked with the gf about the colors she used on the giant. The hair is "soft blue" base, with "pure black" shadows and "Light Body Metallic Acrylic LUMIERE by Jacquard 570 Pearlescent Blue" (according to the label) highlights. In addition the Reaper kickstarter paints, we have some Game Color paints from when I had bought the metal minis a few years back, and a small batch of these Lumiere metallics along with some other stuff that didnt hit the table that was bought for her pony painting. :P Question on board etiquette: If/when I post more of these in the future (or even in the WIP section) should I just use one thread for me or should I use a separate thread for each mini and tag it so it can be found on searches?
  4. My girlfriend and I painted about two dozen mega-minis a few years back, but thats about it. She has other painting experience. I'm mostly useless. After inventorying the Bones, she painted up a nice Cloud Giant while I ruined some rats and a skeleton. Her eyes were intentionally left clear and "cloudy". Maybe she's a blind oracle. She keeps improving, I'm not getting any better. But I guess i still have over 400 chances to try! I guess I'm just looking for any kind of comments.
  5. In the first of what I'm sure will be a good dozen or so stupid questions... which order am I doing these steps in? Since I have to fondle the mini to glue it together, I would assume I should wash it after that... but can i boil it once its superglued?
  6. I'm sure this has been answered somewhere but - does the 5500 orders left include the 3-4k for non-US orders?
  7. I did the same thing. Got kicked out. Re-did it. Didn't see "send as one package" the second time. Now I'm locked in. Anyway to fix?
  8. Thanks guys. I hadn't realized that the Undertaker doesn't get the Chronoscope or IMEF Space Marine guys for free. And Since I could always pick up the Minotaur, the "this-is-not-a-mind-flayer" and whatever loose if I want them, I guess Vampire or double-Vampire does make more sense. I'm going to have a paint session with some older metal minis I had picked up a while back tonight or tomorrow and if I don't kill myself on that practice run, I'll be dropping a few hundred Wednesday morning to make sure we reach the "this-is-not-Tiamat" final goal!
  9. Ok, so with all the focus on the Vampire Level and how awesome it is... Once you're sinking in a few hundred dollars, whats 200 more? But I have a few questions. 1. Is Undertaker level for stores only so that us regular folk can't pledge it? I'm a little unclear on the "US/Canadian Stores Only". I'm not sure if that is meant to deter international orders due to the bulk, or non-store owners, or both. So can regular me go crazy or not? 2. The Undertaker level implies that you get 4 each of 59 minis - the new 30 and I guess 29 pre-existing Bones. I know some of the pre-exisiting Bones are the Dungeon pack, or the later add-ons Skeletons, and I see some others in the online store like the Minotaur. But I there doesn't seem to be enough to total 59. Is there a whole list somewhere? 3. Am I crazy for even considering this?
  10. I haven't particpated yet. I probably will, but I havent been playing anything lately, and Ive never been a painter, so Im hesitating. I think I'm gonna have a paint-day this week just to make sure it doesnt drive me crazy :D but add in a minotaur or two (already see one on the regular bones shop) and an undead pirate crew... and I'm almost assuredly gonna bite even if I never use them. Just saying.
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