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  1. I completed mine, no problems. Adding (Vampire) to those that were included helped a lot, and made it much easier. There is no note under Mister Bones, though. He's not technically included in Vampire, but everyone who orders something gets one of him, I agonized a bit over the exact allocation, but ended up going with my original plan (Double Vampire + 1 of every add-on figure + 1 extra set of the Deep Ones because they look cool and I don't have any other figures like them, while I have tons of other undead, goblinoids, fighters, etc). I very nearly skipped Nethyrmaul because he seems pretty similar to Kaladrax Reborn, but then he'd be the only figure in the set I was missing and I just couldn't bear that thought, LOL. I just hope that Nethyrmaul looks sufficiently different to justify getting both (the tattered flesh making him more zombie-like than skeletal, and maybe make the bases a bit more different from each other too), and is quite a bit larger to justify 2.5x the price. I trust Reaper will make him look great, though.
  2. I use craft paint and it works fine. With sales/coupons, you can often get a 2 oz bottle for .60 to .75 cents each, which lets you get a good selection of colors. The real trick isn't the paint, IMO, it's finishing it off with a dip or brush-on stain of some kind. I use Minwax water-based wood stain. It will bring out all the tiny details on the mini and also help seal the paint.
  3. I'd say get more minis... I use ziplock bags for my "carrying case" for plastic minis, they don't need a hard case and foam padding. And I use craft-store paint which is not as good of course, but can be found for well under a dollar a bottle at Michaels, for instance (in fact, their paint is 40% off until Sept 1: http://weeklyad.michaels.com/). So I'd say just add on more minis! But if you have to choose between the 2, I'd say the paints. It'll be very useful painting all those minis, while you'll only use the case for taking a large number of them somewhere else.
  4. I gave that the triple-take, too . . . but it actually makes sense. Bend a sword one too many times and you're in snap country. Plus paint wears more on metals. That's a kind of fragility. Yes? No? I say yes. However, Bones soft plastic, while more durable, is significantly less likely to deliver a satisfying "THWACK" when one of the players is slow learning. Gotta keep 'em in line, and when it comes to asserting your authority via hurled trauma only metal will do. Or one of those freakishly big dice sets. I have a set. They're red. I think they started off white, though. Right, some of my friends long ago who had some metal minis often had weapons, arms, or other thin bits broken off. The fact that you need carrying cases with foam padding rather than just tossing them all in a ziplock bag, and tossing that bag into my backpack with my books and dice like I do my plastic minis, says that bendable plastic is less fragile than metal for daily use.
  5. Just listened to Bryan's appearance on the Nerdherder's podcast. As someone who asked for Halflings, I for one was very happy to see them! I like playing gnomes and halfling characters, and it can be hard finding good minis for them. Also, about saturating your fan base: I had never bought a Reaper Bones mini before this KS. I don't buy metal minis because they are too expensive and can be fragile, so I hadn't bought any of them either. I did buy some of the Reaper Legendary Encounters pre-painted minis, and I liked them. The other people I know in real life that bought into this KS had never bought Reaper minis before either, so I think you have really expanded your customer base with this, and many people who were looking for good-looking minis that were inexpensive and also not randomly packaged (that's extremely annoying to me, I want to select my minis and buy what I need) will buy Bones.
  6. Wait, there's real-life Sophies? How much did we need to pledge to get a real life Sophie?
  7. I did this to celebrate the end of the KS, it might make a cool shirt:
  8. Double Vampire Plus 1 of every add-on mini +1 more set of the Deep Dwellers.
  9. In honor of the end of the Kickstarter, I made this: Enjoy!
  10. So what is the actual size relation between Kaladrax Reborn and Nethyrmaul? Are they about the same size, as the picture suggests? Is Nethyrmaul significantly bigger, reflected in the price of $25 vs $10, or were Kaladrax, and Cthulhu, for that matter, specially priced at $10 to goose the final bids and are an even greater bargain than the rest of the great bargains?
  11. This was my 1st Kickstarter, and what a way to finish! I love Cthulhu, as my avatar will attest to! Now, how long until my minis arrive? Are they here yet? F5. Are they here yet? F5
  12. I've bought 3 of the current Bones since the KS started. The first was to test out the plastic and the claims about how it took paint. The 2nd and third... I couldn't help myself. I'm... I'm an addict...
  13. Yeah, I won't turn it down, might be fun to look over for the memories it evokes, but I'm a Pathfinder player these days...
  14. He'd fit my Halfling Magus character very well! Wait, the package says he's a thief, I need a Black Blade Magus from Calimshan.... :)
  15. WOW, I LOVE those new giants! They look incredible!
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