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  1. I'm missing 2 figures I didn't really like and one limb on a warrior who was probably going to have it chopped off anyway. Not bad.
  2. I regret not getting (at least) one of every add-on. I know I could have afforded it, so I really have no excuse.
  3. I would probably pledge something if it weren't for the horrible timing. Really can't afford it right now.
  4. That's good news, I think they'll have much better luck with those changes.
  5. I locked in my pledge too. Can't change my mind anymore :)
  6. I'm getting one of everything and I don't care how much it costs.
  7. I just gave in and pledged $5 after seeing the movie too
  8. I'm not sure this was the best move... I pulled my pledge for now, I'm going to wait and see what happens - it's all a little too confusing at the moment. I'll check back once everything is sorted out.
  9. I wish I could pledge more too, but at least there's still a bit more time to find a few extra dollars.
  10. The Cloud Giantess! I'm getting extras so I can paint her different colors.
  11. As soon as I get the paints I'm ordering from the kickstarter I'm going to order a bunch of the current Bones minis to practice on. No way I'm waiting til march if my paints are sitting in front of me. :P
  12. I agree! She's my favorite of the giants.
  13. Mine is probably going to look like this: Vampire x2 (without Sophies) Fire Giant King & Queen Frost Giant King & Queen Demons Undead Giant Clockwork Dragon Pathfinder Red Dragon Spider Centaurs Forces of Nature Frost Wyrm Deep Dwellers Nethyrmaul Kaladrax Reborn Paint sets 1 & 3 Mr. Bones x2 (to round up my pledge number) For a total of $335.
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