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  1. Hey just found this stuff from Prism Gaming - Tablemaster Base Treatment - Cement. Just wondering if others have used it and if it is adhesive that sticks flocking and possibly the figure?
  2. @haldir Thanks for the advise mate. I checked out a local hobby store here. They have a range of model gear, mainly for the railway enthausist. Seen a rack of enamels that grabbed my attention. They have other hobby/craft paints. I would imagine I would clean the base and apply a undercoat before using the acrylic? I am dry painting I assume and would need an appropriate brush. What would you recommend?
  3. The reason why I ask is that I can pick up some enamel based paint.
  4. Thanks Metalchoas. I was considering painting the bases first so that answers my mind question. What type of paint on the base before flocking? The base will be 3mm microplywood.
  5. Hi all. Newbie asking a question so please bear with me. I am looking at getting the Litko 3mm microplywood bases and flock and basing material. One all is good except for what adhesive to use to fasten the bones mini to base. Never done this before but wish to purchase materials so I can start soon.
  6. Third Queenslander on the map. Now to find out if there are Warlord players in Rockhampton. I am keen to see how it goes.
  7. Fair call. I can appreciate the logistics of it all. Maybe instead of 100% swap factor allow a just a few. All said and done, the package deal is most generous. I for one will not be pulling out. :) Congratulation on an awesome kickstarter.
  8. Hi all. Newbie miniature painter wannabe here. I am excited by this project to the point that I am all in and will try my hand at miniature painting. Looking forward to tips and getting my hand on brushes! :) I realise there is alot planned and going on but I would like to put foward the idea of expanding the sophia trade in option that is has been outlined for Reaper Kickstarter Manager. I for one would like to see other options for trade in. Personally I would rather keep Sophie and trade in miniatures that would never be used in my world. I am purely a fantasy RPGer who may in time more to try his hand at fantasy wargaming. There are four inclusions that I would like to see added to the swap in deal and after reading the forums here and over at Paizo quite a few others. The four in particular are: the chronoscope, IMEF marines, Nova and Vampire hunters miniatures. When you look at the four I highlight, they are the 4 odd ducks in the pile. Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback here. I look forward to the future when the good staff of Reaper post off my order and I can start using the paint! :)
  9. I read this review that I found at Paizo forums. They compair the cave troll. Virtually identical to metal and no undercoat required. http://1000footgeneral.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/are-reaper-bones-any-good.html?spref=fb
  10. Thank you! Though you might consider changing your description to shipping to US/Canada and shipping International. Reason, as I am living international but can ship to US. http://niagaragamers...canada-shipping if you live in the US or Canada http://niagaragamers...edge-calculator if you live outside of those 2. It's fan created, and doesn't update super fast at the moment, because said fan is at genCon, but it'll get most of the way there I do not know if this has been answered before... but what shirt sizes are available?
  11. I am guessing where it says +X shipping each for international, you add shipping each time. For example, I want to add another 3 orcpocalypse I add $15 to the highest shipping? I think that question has been answered. :)
  12. Newbie - Be kind

    1. Masika


      New to the whole paint your own miniature thing. Advice and support welcomed!

  13. Does this include international shipping. Order what ever you like but only pay the highest shipping once?
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