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  1. I got the email that all USA shipping was completed. Yay! ๐Ÿ˜ Wait... wait... No box arrives... ๐Ÿ˜ Went to the pledge manager... apparently my order was not "finalized" ๐Ÿ˜ฒ I could've sworn I made my choices and entered credit card info for the extras... ๐Ÿ˜  Whip off a quick email to Reaper... They say if there's no order history, then no order was placed... ๐Ÿฅบ But the pledge $$ is still there and I can still choose rewards and have them shipped early next year... ๐Ÿ˜ Go into the PM and look for the stuff I want... wait, where's Brinewind Extras? ๐Ÿคจ Am I missing a page or are some items no longer available? ๐Ÿค”
  2. I was thinking of ordering two, keeping one intact, and carving the other into its component pieces to use as modular extensions, or possibly reglueing in a slightly different arrangement. The main thing I need more of in that set is docks, though. I need ALL THE DOCKS.
  3. Hmm, there's plenty of time to change my mind, but as of right now here's my list. Definite buys: Brinewind Extras (maybe x2) Deathrattle Ballista (maybe x2) Farflinger Trebuchet (maybe x2) Hammerfist Catapult (maybe x2) Pirate Ship On the fence: Shadows of Ravenhome War Mammoth
  4. That pretty much sums up the Chronoscope line. But... but... they put so much thought into the Encounter sets... you can't look at those without seeing a story in them. I was hoping some of that storytelling would rub off on the composition of the Chronoscope set....
  5. Let me see if i can make some sense of these figures... 801 Old dude in steam-power armor with big wrench (Decker Lugstampf) 802 Lady in steampunk clothes holding a weird raygun and... mask? 803 Bearded guy in steampunk clothes with a techno-cane and pocket watch 804 Steampunk witch 805 Cowboy-ish man with weird raygun 806 Steampunk girl with weird raygun 807 Cowboy-ish guy in long duster with raygun rifle 808 Steampunk hero with squirtgun and power glove (Andre Durand) 809 Vampire hunter in long duster with wooden cross and holy dagger 810 Guy in deep sea diver suit (minus helmet) with speargun 811 Indiana Jones (aka Frank Buck) 812 Immodest geisha with fan 813 Explorer in pith helmet with pistol and rifle 814 Scientist (?) with power glove and big hypodermic? 815 Man in old fashioned suit holding up a card 816 Baron Samedi 817 Santa Claus I'm... uh... not sure what to do with this...
  6. I don't understand what's going on in this picture...
  7. I find this line of reasoning bewildering, considering the much larger number of huge fantasy mini companies that Reaper competes with (successfully). Why is it ok for them to compete with the likes of WizKids, GF9, Games Workshop, Iron Wind, Privateer, etc. but not ok for them to compete with Warlord, Victory Force, etc.?
  8. I think my ideal Chronoscope expansion would be something like... Part 1: 3 WWII American Infantry (50075) 1 Sgt. Mack Torrey (50120) 3 WWII German Soldiers (living versions of 50020) 1 Nazi officer (living version of 50116) 1 Ruined stone wall (new sculpt, large) Part 2: 3 WWII American Infantry (new sculpts) 1 Machine gun on tripod (new sculpt, small) 1 Mortar (new sculpt, small) 2 German heavy weapons operators (new sculpt) 1 Nazi officer (living version of 50221) 2 Low sandbag walls (new sculpts) Part 3: 3 French Resistance Fighters (new sculpts) 3 WWII German Sentries (new sculpts) 1 Gestapo agent (new sculpt) 1 German sniper (new sculpt) 1 Minefield sign (new sculpt, small) 1 Bomb crater (new sculpt, large) Total: 29 figures Plus why not a few thematic add-ons? - Concrete pillbox with removable top ($14) - German Panzer IV + separate turret ($12) - American M4 Sherman tank + separate turret ($12) - German staff car, driver, guard, and Nazi official ($14) - Ruined French chateau set + 3 bystanders/villagers ($18)
  9. Shrines? Pulp lady with a torch and kukri? Big wagon? Now we're getting somewhere!
  10. In hindsight, it would've been nice if they'd picked a single subset of Chronoscope for each kickstarter, and went hog wild with it. A really good Wild West set, for example, then the next year a big Zombie Apocalypse expansion., and the next year it's all robots and aliens. Etc.
  11. I hit the Like button on a buch of earlier comments, but I just want to give a +1 here to some of the recent ideas in this thread that I whole-heartedly endorse: Sets of various historical/cultural troops in multiple poses... Conquistadores, Meso-Americans, Inuit hunters, Japanese spearmen/ashigaru, Colonial British troops, etc. Loads of Terrain that is not Fantasy Specific, market stalls and wares, campsite, tents, cooking spit, wagon, scatter terrain for modern/steampunk/scifi Outdoor decor for themed settings such as Forests, Ruins, Jungle, Snow, Egyptian, Gothic buildings, Tower, Lighthouse city buildings, village cottages and ruined versions of them
  12. I'm pleased that Reaper continues to offer such an affordable entry-point every couple of years. Bones 5 is a no-brainer for D&D players who don't have very many miniatures,. Me? I'm not in that demographic. Like Piata and others, I simply don't need more D&D monsters and adventurers. I've been collecting for decades and already have 20 of everything. (Cyclops? I've got a bucketful. Centaurs? I can field an army. Elementals? Uncounted heaps. Harpies? The place is lousy with 'em.) So I'm really just here to pick and choose among things that are harder to find, particularly non-fantasy stuff.
  13. You know, if they offered a couple sprues of modern/sci-fi weapons, then I wouldn't mind all those fantasy figs littering the current KS so much, as I could simply mod them into sci-fi aliens and post-apocalypse mutants...
  14. My observations have been that fantasy roleplayers are the dominant audience in Reaper's kickstarters, by a wide margin, followed in distant second by non-gamers (collectors, painters). Wargamers and non-fantasy roleplayers appear to be a tiny fraction.
  15. I'm right there with you. I like the fact that they often break out the Core set, so I could theoretically create a unit by ordering multiples of just one or two sculpts. However, I don't believe they break out the figures in the $50 expansions, so it would be more difficult or expensive to create units from those.
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