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  1. Here we are. So when does this thing start pacific time? like 7am?
  2. There it is! Found it! I knew it'd show up at some point!
  3. Oh no, I'm far too inexperience to be giving tutorials in any serious sense! Just really wanted to share this technique because I think it makes amazing results. Thanks though - I'm glad you found it to be useful!
  4. Er, well, I was just going to use a dark wash on the chainmail and call it good (The Sword and Shield Orc has it on his chainmail) but now that you mention it, I probably should. If their armor is that rusty, their chainmail wouldn't be fine and dandy. Maybe I'll wash it with a brownisn red wash....
  5. Okay, Two things, First thing; This is the process I use for SUPER rusty armor/weapons, I picked it up from a video I'm still trying to track down again... (d=drop) Step one; Dark Redish Brown ( 2d Muddy Brown + 2d Gory Red + 1d Pure Black basecoat; Step two; "Speckle" Dark red (Splattered Crimson), dry-brush consistency of paint on brush; Oops. No picture of this step. Might have deleted it because it was too blurry. Step three; "Speckle" Orange (Lava Orange), extra-dry-brush consistency Step four; Drybrush/Speckle Silver (Honed Steel), extra-dry-brush consistency
  6. As promised, some initial "Before" pictures of ... THE CLOCKTOWER! I had a few more but apparently my camera didn't actually save them. Next Step: Sanding. I've actually done a few test patches, but my sandpaper gums up real quick. I think I might switch to a lower grit paper to make it go a little faster, and then smooth things out with a fine paper after. Then I'll need to get the finish out of the deep parts, I have some stripper for that (along with more sandpaper) Much further along will come staining it, fitting it with a mirror as its back wall (possibly,
  7. I'll see if I can find it again. Thanks! I haven't really got into basing figures yet, so on the broccoli they'll stay (for now). I haven't done much with varnish or gloss.
  8. Didn't see a Black Orcs WIP thread, and well, figured I'd just make my own anyway (that's cool, right? what't the netiquette on that?) Pictures; group shot close ups THE FURS: tan skin is the basecoat of the furs, I plan to go in and wash pretty much the whole model with a diluted soft coat (The Army Painters Warpaints quicksade soft tone) and then the furs with an even more diluted dark coat. I hope this will achieve a good layering and furish look for the furs - we'll see. THE ARMOR: I plan to make the breast plates rusty and beat to hell, starting with a dark brownish red,
  9. Initial pictures tomorrow! (now that I have a handy-dandy digital camera that uploads to my computer easily).
  10. Yeah, sorry about that - I did get this guy. Until recently I haven't had an easy way to take/upload pictures. Now I do, so yeah, expect lots of shameless WIP posts from me soon! Especially that gol-darn clocktower. I really want to get that fixed up...
  11. This was mine, I'm glad you liked it. I agree that I need to get better at faces and eyes.
  12. Hey everyone. I found the most awsome thing ever today - An old Grandfather Clock Frame. It'll be the perfect display case for my painted miniatures. This Is My Vision; --- I'm going to add shelves to it to make it appear to be a Clock Tower that is to scale with my miniature,. This means I'll be adding Stairways between levels, and creating multiple types of levels to showcase different types of monsters (E.G. the bottom most level might be "under water", there will be a Sci-Fi Level or two, a "Etherial Plane" level (made of translucent blue plastic) etc) Challenges and Nex
  13. Awesome competition! I (*explicative deleted*) LOVE Halloween. I'll have to start working on it once I finish my Summer Mini Exchange figure ( ack... working on it ). One question. You mention being able to enter in as many Categories as you like, but, I don't see any categories listed...
  14. If you look deeper you'll see that on day one it had the KS trending towards 24m. Based on the curve of the trending points It looks like 5.5m is a conservative bet for what we're actually trending towards.
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