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  1. Bloodsbane

    Conan The Boardgame Fully painted

    Great stuff! I don't know what it says about me that my favorites are the marble tables. I might have to steal that idea for mine!
  2. My Umber Brown I got with my Bones 2 shipment has pretty much zero coverage. Ive added an agitator and shaken it thoroughly so there isn't any hidden stashes of pigment at the bottom or anything. Calling it a glaze would be an overstatement. I'm guessing this isn't how it's supposed to be? How's the coverage of everyone else's umber brown?
  3. Bloodsbane

    Church-Warden Toting Heroes

    Heresy Miniatures has a dwarven inventor that includes a separate pipe-carrying arm. Send him an email and see if he'll sell you a bunch as bits? (edit: link removed)
  4. Bloodsbane

    Baugi's Bench

    Looks good! One trick to make most questionable eyes look good is to put the pupil (that is the word right?) over to one side. So the white of the eye only shows on one side of it. In my experience, that's the easiest method when the sculpt is uncooperative.
  5. Bloodsbane

    Bloodsbane's progress report

    This place is just way too nice, supportive and inspirational. It's high time I stop lurking and start posting some of my fiddlings. At the moment, I'm all about Confrontation. I've decided to bring my collection of minis usable in Hybrid (the boardgame) to a respectable gaming standard. Here's a quick shot of where I'm at with the baddies. As can be glimpsed, I use any brand of paints I've gotten my hands on, various sorts of brushes and the occasional auxiliary product. You can't really see it in this picture, but I tried my glazing medium for the first time on the glow from the green vials. It definately made things easier. The bases are all individually sculpted, because I'm crazy like that. I've made a few different dungeon base silicone molds and cast some resin stuff, but the Confrontation minis are so fragile I really want to keep the tabs on them if at all possible. More to come :)
  6. So apparently I had a wedding to attend on saturday. I have spent a couple hours throughout the week on my Hybrid baddies, though. Stage 1 of my "Pimp all the boardgames" project :)
  7. Bloodsbane

    24 hour painting marathon anyone?

    I'm up for the 12th of july. Yaay marathon!
  8. Bloodsbane

    Otherworld Minis - OSL, NMM and RMM practice CCW!

    Praise the sun!
  9. Bloodsbane

    24 hour painting marathon anyone?

    I thought I was done with these sorts of shenanigans. I once painted a space marine army in 36 hours straight, and I've been involved in a few too many 24h comic days. But if this forum sets a date for something like this, I'm in.
  10. Bloodsbane

    One Kickstarter Vampire box of bones painted

    That is thoroughly awesome. Inspiring!
  11. You won? Woohooo! Big congrats :D
  12. Bloodsbane

    Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

    Did I miss something here? I thought the oni monk was just Talin having fun with something that cropped up in the comments conversation, but now people are referencing it like it's a preview of something being sculpted for the kickstarter. I mean, with enough support I'm sure it go that way, but AFAIK no such thing has been confirmed by reaper peeps?
  13. Bloodsbane

    Bloodlust Tyrant (Dark Hammer Miniatures)

    Mine arrived just the other day as well, ordered on the day of release. I believe Dark Hammer are located in Switzerland. I had the same reaction to the top flash stumps, but the face was fine on mine. Great castoverall IMO. Looking forward to see what you do with it!
  14. Bloodsbane

    First entry (or entries) to Show Off by Owlmabbitt

    Shiny sounds like a very good thing for a pile of gold coins ;) Non-metallic metals isn't a special sort of paint. It's a painting technique for simulating the shininess of a metallic subject matter without the use of metallic paints.
  15. Bloodsbane

    Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

    I'm so happy I woke up to see the million being broken in! Sleep safe OneBoot, the EU team is clocking in. We'll take over from here.