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  1. But will just any old craft paint work? And what exactly is meant by craft paint?
  2. What kind of paint is a cheep alternative to Reaper's own paints for someone looking to use their bones for casual gaming? I'm not looking for great detail, just to add a bit of color to my tabletop. Would poster paint work? Acrylic? I honestly have no idea.
  3. Hmm... Sophie or giant skeletal dragon, cuthulu, and an extra fire it up? Not a hard choice.
  4. I am also experiencing this. However, I don't like to do transactions on something as sensitive as my iPad because something usually goes wrong.
  5. Omg can't wait for storm giant. Not too hot on the shoulder, but that is literally no big deal in any sense of the words.
  6. Calling the female cloud giant a storm giant is offensive and having it pointed out to me now makes me want to withdraw in my vampire pledge
  7. Reminds me of Frasier, when Roz is giving him online dating advice. "Athletic is just another word for flat-chested." Also, I LOLed seeing the difference between the females and males in WoW. Females were lithe no matter the class or race, while males were bulky and broad shouldered.
  8. That avengers thing, I've seen it before. It sums up all my complaints.
  9. Considering that they do not portray the same general type... apples and oranges. One is a PC type, the other a monster. Sales would be different, even if they had more similar styles. I am saying this, though my preference also lies with the two weapon ranger. Compare female rangers to female rangers, female vampires to female vampires, and female necromancers to Ack! My eyes! (Some of the female necromancer types are, umm... wearing their own creations....) The Auld Grump Lol. Anyway, my comparison was a generalization, not "does this sell more than this." it was more like, "do the
  10. Hey, is there really a sales difference between a mini that looks like this: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Legendary%20Encounters/sku-down/20030 And ones that look like this?: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Legendary%20Encounters/sku-down/20023 There might well be... but I hope that I can throw my voice in as being in favor of the second over the first. I think they're both awesome, but the second one is a bit less ridiculous outfit-wise, and just overall feels more badass. My point being, of course, that female minis can still be awesome and not controversial.
  11. I want so many miniatures that when I throw them into the air it blocks out the sun, so I can paint in the shade! Lol. I had a hard enough time convincing them to do this one. Also, if I'm only (only in the sense of less) geting 100 or so minis, I don't even know if I would want to (there are three factors when I buy minis: cheapness, price, and affordability).
  12. This hasn't suddenly become an issue. This has been an "issue" for as long as I can remember, and I've been involved in gaming for about 25 years - and I know this nonsense predates me. And yes, it is a semi-organized suppress the fun campaign. Basically there is a cadre of women, along with some men who insist on white knighting for them, who are dedicated to expunging any thing that might slightly resemble cheesecake from the gaming hobby. At one point in my life I thought these people were making a valid complaint, but over the years I've learned to just tune them out and ignore them
  13. But then I can't get 'thulu and Kally II.
  14. So, am I required to buy special miniature paint? I pledged vampire for the bones KS, which was my first ever purchase of non-preprinted D&D minis. What do I need to paint these guys? I'm not looking for quality, just some color. Also, I'm looking for the cheapest deal I can get.
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