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  1. Another option would be Sentry Box, in Calgary (www.sentrybox.com). They are just getting their catalogue back online, but they are doing mail orders right now (just got a package 2 weeks ago). If you have specific models in mind, you can email them and they will get back to you about prices and shipping costs. -Vilegrimm
  2. Awesome! Less than 3 days until the start of Bones Kickstarter II... and we might even have our Undertaker shipment from Bones Kickstarter I delivered by this week! ...sigh. -Vilegrimm
  3. Aaaand... just like that, received a reply today that they are sending me out a replacement arm for C'thulhu. I likes that! -Vilegrimm
  4. Sent in an email about the arm again. Let's see what I get for a response this time! -Vilegrimm
  5. On their last Kickstarter update (#98, August 23), they had written this: "Now we begin the process of dealing with replacements for missing or damaged items. If you've already been in touch with us, you're already on the list, and we're going to get you taken care of." ... along with pertinent information on how to contact them. I assumed that this meant they were starting the replacement stage then. -Vilegrimm
  6. Perhaps, but the problem is, after the lack of communications regarding the Kickstarter mail outs, I'm suffering from a lack of faith. I had to email Reaper to find out that the Canadian PO box vampire sets hadn't been sent when they stated that they were finished with Canada. It was only after I emailed them again that I found out when they had planned to ship the last Canadian orders, and it was someone else's email on Kickstarter that finally got us a confirmation that they had been shipped. Without that, were pretty much left completely in the dark. Add to that the issue of our store's Undertaker package going missing (at least, I assume it's missing because it does not take 12+ business days to get across Canada) and Reaper unable to give us a tracking number (and we still haven't heard from RAFM, whom they gave the packages to to deal with), and you see why I get a bit concerned when I haven't heard from Reaper yet. If they had come out at the beginning of the "repair what got mixed up" phase of the Bones and said: "We will be working on replacement parts and Bones on a first come, first serve email basis; after you receive your auto-confirm, please give us a month to send you a shipping confirmation email for your parts. If you haven't heard from us by then, please use (insert email here) to contact us again. Thanks for your patience!" then I would be more than happy to give them time. Now, I'm not so sure... -Vilegrimm
  7. Thanks for the info, cmorse. I see that one retailer in Canada received his on the 23rd of August... <sighs> -Vilegrimm
  8. Thanks to all for posting about their experiences. I think I will send along another email, as I still haven't heard anything yet beyond the staple auto-reply. That, and the LGS I work for is STILL waiting for their Kickstarter package, which is now well past overdue (even for Canadian transit), so I believe an email for them is in order too. -Vilegrimm
  9. Yeah, I think I will give it another week to see if someone gets back to me before I try a follow up email... -Vilegrimm
  10. Hey, all... I was wondering if anyone had a current estimate on how long it's taking Reaper to go through the "help" emails, and correct issues. The reason I ask is that I sent an email to them last Saturday (24th of August) letting them know that my Cthulhu came with two right arms, and no left, and I have yet to hear anything from them in regards to receiving the email, or getting a replacement, etc. I realize they probably have a fair few emails to go through, so am I jumping the gun if I send another email? Or have I somehow been missed out? Any ideas? -Vilegrimm
  11. Just picked up my Bones box from the Post Office! Now off to inventory... -Vilegrimm
  12. Here's hoping that my package finally arrives today... I will report back later! - Vilegrimm
  13. Excellent! Thanks for the update on the actual shipping, Freiheit. That is information I did not have. So, factoring in time, the Bones should be here... right about when I'm on vacation! <sigh> -Vilegrimm
  14. Soooo... Has anyone in Canada with a PO Box shipping address received either: A) Their Kickstarter package or B) Any confirmation that the packages were actually shipped out to Canada on July 30th Just curious, as I am still waiting for my (smallish) Kickstarter order while a lot of the ROW backers gleefully play with theirs... -Vilegrimm
  15. I'm in the "still waiting" category, with a PO box number for Burns Lake, BC. Apparently the truck was supposed to have left on the 30th to start wending its way to the border, but I haven't had any confirmation that it actually left. From there, we were told another 1 to 2 weeks after hitting the border, so I'm starting to think I won't see them until school starts up again in September (ie, just in time to be back at work). :( - Vilegrimm
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