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  1. Here is a frozen water trough terrain (I forget the company) and a Bones half-orc thief (I always loved this mini!) for the Frostgrave game... Icicles are flight stand rods, melted and stretched out. And some terrain I made for a Fallout Skirmish game... Revell model truck and Plasticville gas station. A different use for Reaper Bones Desert Thing.... A modified 40K Death Guard rhino transport vehicle...ewww. Texture made by plastic cement on surface and then moving it around with a toothpick after getting tacky. Orange plague bubos are ceramic Christmas village buildings snow. Thanks for looking !
  2. Here are some Mantic sci-fi zombies that I'm using for 40K plague zombies... And a Bones sorcerer... Some demons from the Center Stage Kickstarter.... A couple more of my favorite Reaper Bones...
  3. Hello! I've been away from these forums for a while. Thanks for the birthday wishes by the way! :) Here are some various projects that I have been working on. Reaper Bones bone giant for the Age of Sigmar game... (with Bones wizard for scale) Some Reaper Bones Tiflings.... A Reaper Bones barbarian...
  4. I think what Reaper really needs to make, and am surprised they haven't yet, is a royal court set. King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Jester, Noble, Adviser, bratty kid prince in royal outfit, etc.. all in non-combat poses. They would go well with their other NPC townsfolk.
  5. Is the giant skeleton from the Kickstarter, the one with the tombstone club, end up being a Kickstarter exclusive? I know it wasn't meant to be, but every other picture I see of a Bones Colossal Skeleton, it is wielding a sword instead. Are they just mixing up the picture with the metal one?
  6. I really like the style of the frost giants. Not odd looking like the last ones, and more beefier than the ones before that.
  7. Still processing. Not too worried about dropping in Waves, they shipped pretty close together last time. Just hope I don't have to re-submit it.
  8. I used the Bones Desert Thing on my Warhammer 40K Rhino of Nurgle (god of disease and disgusting stuff lol). I wanted it to represent the Demon Possession option where each time a unit embarks on the vehicle, roll a D6. On a 1 the demon devours a model in the unit and regains a hull point. The surface of the vehicle was done by spreading plastic cement (the model is plastic) and manipulating it with a needle as it dried. The orange/yellow disease growth spheres are foam snow for Christmas ceramic village displays that I got at a dollar store. The spore chimneys are just plastic tubing covered in green stuff. The stretched slime was made from white glue that was put in the microwave for 30 seconds. The metal hoses were made from florist wire wrapped around another wire. This was a virtual petri dish of experiments
  9. I really hope all the Kickstarter #2 minis will be released in the store before Kickstarter #3 starts. Especially the K-rail barriers, I need a bunch of those!
  10. Chronoscope can always use more monsters... I had an idea for an Electronics Golem, don't know how useful it would be though. Made up of broken green circuit boards, cooling fans, and lots of wires. Junkyard golem. Specialized modern zombies like radiation zombies, huge mutant zombies, armored riot police/military zombies (see Zombicide). More Hell on Earth (Reloaded) Savage Worlds monsters like... Maze Dragon, Explodjinn, Beaded Horror (giant gila monster), Fizzer, Urban Wyrm, Tar Monster (Smilodon), Bloatbelly, Ghostrock Wraith, Tin Men, Sand Spider, Glamor Puss, Voracipede, Nowhere Man, Predavore
  11. Just finished the Barbarian Male from Bones II. I think I need to shoot another coat of Dullcote on it.
  12. Thanks again BTW that Sci-Fi terrain is MDF from Fantasy Arc.
  13. Thanks! @stormbreach... This is a pretty simple and quick rust effect I use a lot, mostly on my 40k orks and vehicles. First black spray primer. Then paint a very dark brown as a base. This time I used the new Reaper HD Umber Brown from the Kickstarter mixed in with a little black. Next I used a rust wash made from Americana Craft Paint Light Cinnamon and water, painted just in the recesses, and also to paint a few streaks. Then a light drybrush of a dark metallic paint, I can't remember which one I used, it was a new Vallejo I picked up (Reaper Shadow Steel will work). For this mini I also added a couple splotches of green to give it a mouldy/mossy look.
  14. Here is a simple Prairie Tick Queen that I painted to use as a giant bombardier beetle for a low-level D&D adventure.
  15. I haven't posted in a while... but here is an undead barrow warden the from the new bones KS I painted up. I was trying to go for the rusty "fresh from the grave" look...
  16. Well shipping has started over the past few days. Hoping my games are on the first cargo container and are shipping to me soon!! There are good gameplay and review videos on youtube that are making the wait very difficult.
  17. Here is the large LE host I painted up for my Necromunda chaos cult of Nurgle gang. It represents a demonhost of Nurgle with the demon taking physical form inside the host as a huge maggot. The Games Workshop chaos cultist is the gang's leader and is for scale.
  18. I got my split shipping package yesterday. I have to say this resin material is great to work with. Cuts and scrapes smoothly and is not too hard and brittle.
  19. I think I will get mine too, its just that I paid extra for split shipping that hasn't happened yet
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