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  1. thanks for all the answers on all my posts, ive really been wanting to get back into non british minatures games and this looks right. books shipped so i hope to have them in a day or two as im pretty close to reaper. i know that im going to have to collect at least 2 factions to start with as the guys and gals around here wont buy anything untill we have played it a few times im gonna look around at the schedules and calandars of places within an easy drive, and see if there is any other warlord going on, might even try to go over to the reaper store, i hear they play there from time to time :)
  2. just finished reading through all the reptus stuff, does anyone have anything new that has worked or not worked. it seems like there are a bunch of choices, i came looking for something that i could use the medusa or marilith models for have any of yall used those for proxys on some of the snakefolk heros or warlords
  3. thanks i was unaware that they had cancelled that program are there factions that are way more difficult to learn with that you would advise new players learning the game to steer clear of?
  4. ive been trying to read through the posts and have seen some of yall mention a warlords dungeon crawl game, i did find one pdf of rules but they looked to be before the current edition. can someone please point me in the right direction for this as it sounds interesting Apis
  5. i know yall have some demo teams around the country, could someone chime in and let me know if there is a listing of those people somewhere out on the wild web so that we could find the nearest or is this mostly for the big cons also what armies are the most common to be used in demos to show the rules of the game off at their fullest. Apis Shreveport , LA
  6. thanks for all the advice and the links, i had forgotten how close yall where till recently
  7. i see that its 4 days, i dont seem to find an old schedule. what kinds of activities or classes are available
  8. has anyone made data cards to be compatable with the cowboys game for other chrono figs like the nova guys
  9. alright, well im ordering th books to read before i order any minis for them. ive been reading the fourms and looking at the army builder. what point size is a good minimum for starting and what are the tourneys usually played at? also is this a game that is played a lot at reapercon?
  10. thank you, that was both timely quick and very useful being the info i was needing, will order both.
  11. Greetings, im new to here and interested into getting into warlord but im a little confused. i see three books warlord rising, savage north, and 2nd edition. which one is the most useful, it says savage north has the core rules, is this the complete rules? does savage north overrule 2nd edition, and what is warlord rising? thanks Apis
  12. Oz characters woyuld be cool, flying monkeys, scarecrows
  13. i was just wondering if there was anymore on scifi senarios for thise with the RAGE system
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