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  1. Thanks for the help. As I apply the metallic layers and highlights to the sword, should I drybrush or wash?
  2. I got the champagne color to turn out well, thanks. The picture I'm talking about is the Lissette here: http://www.reapermini.com/painting_contest...?date_won=04_03 Also it looks like the different parts of the figure are outlined in black --- like the runes on the sword and the detail on the pouches and scroll cases. How do I do this without totally messing everything up? For the sword, I basecoated in black, and I'll apply some boltgun metal, then chainmail+black ink, and finally silver. Do I then carefully paint the runes in black and then lightly go back over with gold to highlight? I'm not sure where in the process the runes are outlined in black. Thanks for everyone's help. Jason.
  3. All of you color mixing experts about here -- I am painting a Lissette [#14022] for my wife (who will also be a Druid, like the contest winner's rendition), and I need some help. I've done some decent minis before, but this one has a lot of detail and I'm using some strange colors this time. 1. She wants the bottom dress-like part to be champagne colored. Any ideas on how to mix this color? I have some GW and some Reaper paints, and I can buy Reaper paints at a store near me. 2. She wants the shirt/corset part to be burgundy. Again, any ideas on how to do this? 3. What is the best way to paint the sword like what is in the picture? 4. How can I get the wooden parts of the staff to really look like wood? I can never get wood to look right... Thanks for your help, Jason.
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