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  1. I got too much! -- Vampire x2 $200 -- Fire Giants x1 $10 -- Frost Giants x2 $20 -- Starter Paint Set x1 $18 -- Undead Giant x1 $10 -- Mythos Monsters x1 $10 -- Red Dragon x1 $10 -- Starter Set 2 x1 $18 -- Forces Of Nature x1 $15 -- Frost Wyrm x2 $20 -- Jabberwock x1 $10 -- Deep Dwellers x2 $14 -- Kaladrax Reborn x2 $20 -- C'thulhu x2 $20 -- Demons x1 $15 'tis orders for 3 people though. I am so freaking excited about getting my giant boatload of minis! And every time I hear anything about Kaladrax I am glad that someone else with my order got him, because it caused me to add him as a l
  2. Okay, I used some green stuff to fill in the bullette's jawline and his sides a little bit (thanks for the ideas!) but I feel like I'm doing something wrong with the green stuff. It's REALLY sticky, and I can't get it very pliable. Having a really hard time shaping it, and when I tried to cut it/shape it with my tools it just stuck all over them. I can't get it all off. Am I doing something wrong? Did I just get some green stuff that's old or something?
  3. Oooh, resin casting sounds interesting... I will probably wait to do too much on that front until I am more comfortable with sculpting though. Thanks for the tips so far! I definitely see some things I can improve. Building up instead of scraping off is a good point (and probably why he doesn't have as many wrinkles as he should on his body). I think the bits I built up instead of scraped off are the ones that look better. Using green stuff to supplement the sculpey is also a good idea. I didn't want to work fully in green stuff while I'm figuring out the basics because I'm afraid I
  4. I am part of a group of people at my work who have been obsessing over the kickstarter for the last few weeks. Now that it's over, we, of course, really want to paint minis... I currently don't have any of my own, so thought I'd try my hand at sculpting. I've done a mini before, but it didn't turn out too well (I've since been told I should try supersculpey and hae decided to start larger). So, I went for a Huge size mini and a fairly simple design for #2. Chose a bulette and used an armature this time. I'm pretty happy with him, but looking for tips/feedback to improve. Also loo
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