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  1. I really thought I posted this already... but here goes again. I too would really like to see Reaper do a line of 28mm pulp 20's characters. The old RAFM figures are just so goofy looking now (with some exceptions) and while the Fantasy Flight figures are multiple shades of awesome, they're just too small to mix with any other line of miniatures. And with all the Lovecraftian type creatures Reaper's already released, pulp characters seems like a good addition.
  2. He looks great. I also love the work you did on the base. My personal plan for this mini is to remove his staff and replace it with an electric guitar. Instead of a demon I totally see his as a rock star fit for Shadowrun.
  3. I could see myself buying the librarian off their website when she becomes available. I always need good NPCs, but as it stands I have more than enough elves for any game. At one point my dad was trying to get me into playing Warhammer with him, so I was constructing a dark elf army from other companies figures... I literally have an army size horde of elves.
  4. I wish I had had the money to order more figs from the first kickstarter, but at the time I didn't know who impact minatures were, all the figures were 3D renderings, and their enthusiasm to include every suggestion that popped up in the comments made me wary. As it was I only pledged $35 but after I recieved my figures I wished I had bought a ton more. The theme of this kickstarter unfortunately doesn't interest me. And again, funds are tight.
  5. Alright not so much a question, but thank you for including mouslings in this kickstarter. Actually thank you for putting together another great deal for your fans, but in particular during bones 1 I know the mice were a frequent request. It was really nice to see them make an appearance this time around. I was also sorry to see how ugly the comments got toward the end of the kickstarter, do you think the negative feedback will influence the possibility of future kickstarters?
  6. This is sad, last night in the comments I had remarked on how I passed up Cthulhu from bones 1 because I already had Horrorclix Cthulhu. Well, today I opened the mini cabinet and there was Reaper Cthulhu just chilling in his box. You know you have way too many figs when you can't keep your inventory straight. That said, still totally looking forward to when not-Terrasque and "Dragons Don't Share II" arrive next year. I *stupidly* passed up on all the awesome dragon deals last campaign, NOT this time. (:
  7. I don't like wet pallets just because I'm lazy. It's more work for me to set one up, and then a used one always smells funny. With a bottle of retarder I can just squirt and go. But wet pallets are great for Army painting, as already mentioned.
  8. I don't know, I use citadels without that issue . I also tend to add a little water too though. Edit: Could also be a side effect of adding too much retarder, it's suppose to be used in very small amounts.
  9. As far as paint additives go, I personally find retarder (slows down the drying process) to be a must have. I mix colors, and find it incredibly frustrating when my paint dries on the pallete (or brush!) before I can get it on the figure.
  10. Don't trade your Sci-Fi minis, just take up playing Shadowrun. Problem solved. ;)
  11. She's awesome. I say leave her be.
  12. I realise this probably isn't the best place to praise a Reaper competitor but (admitedly a few Christmases ago) my dad made a larger order from GW and recieved the wrong package in return. In fact instead of his army stuff they send him a ton of LOTR stuff. He called up and informed them of their error, and they told him don't bother sending the figures back, Merry Christmas, and they'd send out his correct order pronto. That said it's stupid they charge more for a plastic figure that's cheaper for them to produce than a metal one. But hopefully if enough companies like Reaper start produ
  13. I've personally moved on from tiles to 3D dungeons but those Dwarven mines look great. The art syle definately meshes with the vanilla Warhammer Quest stuff. (:
  14. I made my original post prior to the release of the Cthulhu figure so now I can add "Call of Cthulhu" to the list. Also picking up a set of Deep Ones and later wil most likely track down a purple worm. So many games, so little time.
  15. Because maybe some of his abilities were from his spells rather than himself.Speed Spell: Cthulhu wasn't fast enough to catch the running crew members, yet his swimming speed seemed quite fast. The not dying to fatal wounds or the nebulous recombining might be from a spell rather than Cthulhu Itself. This "PCs are not allowed to survive against Cthulhu" attitude is part of the problem. Big C is a incredibly powerful, but It is defeatable, the original story shows that. In the immortal words of Mr. Horse "no sir, I don't like it". Unless my players come up with an ingenious soluti
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