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    Base sizes

    Thanks for the offering, but I think I'm good. Unless maybe you have some hero-like Bones miniatures. The only thing I'm a little worried about when mixing FFG and Bones miniatures is that the Bones heroes look quite a bit bigger than their FFG counterparts. I imagine those heroes looking quite ridiculous next to the Goblin Archers...
  2. n3rd

    Base sizes

    Wonderful, thank you very much!
  3. n3rd

    Base sizes

    Thanks for the quick reply. That pretty much confirms what I've suspected. I assumed that miniatures like the Pathfinder Red Dragon (from the Kickstarter set) probably won't work particularly well due to its long tail, so I'm gonna stay away from that for the time being. The Fire Giants, on the other hand, should work beautifully since the giants from Descent also have a 2x2 base. Is it save to assume, though, that most miniatures will fit on either 1x1 (e.g., Goblins), 1x2 (e.g., "Mind your Manors" ogres), 2x2 (e.g., Giants) or 3x2 (e.g., Jabberwock) 25mm tiles? Obvious exceptions are things like Nethyrmaul, the Undead Giant or Ebonwrath.
  4. n3rd

    Base sizes

    I'm sure this information is somewhere, but if it is, I'm apparently not smart enough to find it :-) Simple question: how big are the Bones miniatures? I've pledged a bunch of money to get a set of Bones miniatures in order to use them as proxies for the conversion kit monsters for Descent 2E, and while it isn't absolutely important that they match in size, it would still be good to know whether they do or not. For instance, the Frost Wyrm looks like a fantastic proxy for Descent's Ice Worm. However, I can't quite tell whether the Bones miniature has a two-by-two base (certainly looks like it, but its much less clear for some of the other miniatures). Bottom line: What's the standard base size (if any) for 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2 Bones miniatures? How can I find out what miniature has what (intended) base size? Thanks a bunch in advance.
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