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  1. Finished up all the little odds and ends, like the banner thing and targeting scopes. Windows on the turrets and the little skulls and stuff on the guns. At some point I realized I never drilled out the exhaust stacks and gun barrels, so I just painted black dots on them rather than take a dremel to a fully painted model. This was my first go at using an airbrush to paint something. I learned a lot but still have a ways to go. Comments and questions welcome. Hope you enjoy!
  2. All the weathering has been completed at this stage. The rock chips are painted in, mud and rust effects added, a light coat of brown dust was airbrushed along the lower sides and bottom. Just a few minor details remain, although at this point I wouldn't mind putting it on the table.
  3. Here I've added a bunch of black marks as a base coat to where all the paint chips are going to be. I tried to keep this pretty much random, but concentrated towards the front, where the most rock chips would most likely occur. I also added a wash on the smoke stacks and where oil and other crud has accumulated and run over the years. Also the silver of the guns has been over brushed on at this point.
  4. This next set of pics shows the addition of two layers of highlighting over the base coat. The shadows are softened and the red color really brightens up. Also the tape is removed from the tracks since I'm pretty much done with the airbrush at this stage.
  5. In this set of photos I've base coated the tank and then added shadows. They look pretty harsh at this stage, but they get softened later. Also, the front turrets have been magnetized so they can be easily swapped out as necessary.
  6. In this second set of pics, I've finished the inside panels and tracks, taped off the tracks to get ready for priming the outside of the tank. The tank was primed with a light gray primer, again using the airbrush.
  7. Got a GW Razorback for my birthday. I took pictures of my painting process because it's the first tank I've painted using an airbrush (also a birthday present). In this first set of pics, I've primed all the inside panels and the tracks with a dark gray primer. As always, questions and comments are welcome.
  8. What did you use to attach the bones plastic to the wooden base?
  9. I was hoping to get this guy done last night, but it didn't happen. I did get most of the highlighting done on him though. His beard was done with brilliant red, fireball orange and golden yellow ( I think), using an overbrush technique. His fur was overbrushed with bestial brown. I was looking for a more reddish brown, but I don't have a good red-brown color. I may run some fleshshade over it to try and give it a warmer look. The chainmail was drybrushed with mithril silver. His gold armor was overbrushed with Gehenna's Gold. The sword pommel was drybrushed with a light grey and the blade was painted a flat black and then coated with gloss sealer to make it look like obsidian. I'm still not sure if I like this or not, and may go back to a grey drybrush on the blade as well. His skin was highlighted with a 50/50 mix of tanned flesh and Caucasian flesh, using a wet blending/glazing technique. It still turned out a bit too light, so I ran a glaze of Reikland Fleshshade over it to even it out and darken it up some. I wasn't happy with the way the nulin oil shaded his shirt, so I got some dark grey and light grey and tried to wet blend them to smooth things out a bit. Wet blending and glazing are techniques that are still in the experimental stage for me. I'm tired of drybrushing everything and getting a chalky look, so I'm going to keep at this. So far I like the effects, but dang it takes forever, and patience has never been my strong suit. Anyway, here's some pics. Comments welcome.
  10. Here's the latest on the fire giant. These pics are of the shading. Skin and armor was shaded with sephrim sepia, chain mail and shirt with nulin oil, and fur with devlan mud. His beard was shaded with carrosberg crimson.
  11. My next piece is going to be the Fire Giant Bodyguard (77179). I undercoated it with a dark grey primer, mainly because I wanted a dark undercoat instead of white. With that done I added the first coat of paint. These pics are basecoat only, with no washes or highlighting at all. The armor is balthazar gold and his chain mail and helmet are boltgun metal. Hair is brilliant red, skin is suntan flesh, fur is ruddy brown and shirt is concrete grey (for lack of a better option).
  12. I got Cinder and Blightfang. I've already done two greenish dragons, so I'm looking to try a few different color schemes. I'm thinking Cinder needs to be red, but I'm still undecided on a color scheme for Blightfang.
  13. I had the same idea with a different model. I did more red than black, thinking this guy was straight from the bowels of hell and hasn't cooled off much. 20131027_105012 by kmspade1, on Flickr
  14. Once I was decided on the wing colors I went ahead and did the rest of the wings. Once that was done I added silver highlights to the wing bolts, dark gold highlights to the body bolts, and used a metallic green for the shield plates and a bright silver for the hydraulics. I did the eyes yellow and added a highlight around the socket to try and make it look like the eye was glowing. I then added some weathering because I wanted it to look old and worn. Here are some more finished pics. Now it just needs to be based. Not sure what I'm going to do with that yet.
  15. After getting it put together, I undercoated it black. The body was done in a bluish silver paint. It's a reaper paint I received as a sample, so I'm not sure what color it was. The wing "ribs" were done in a dark gold and then washed with a brown ink. Once this was done, I started experimenting with what to do with the wing sections. The first thing I thought to try was to simulate some type of segmented foil like wing surface. I painted the sections a bright silver and tried drawing thin black lines to make it look segmented. I wasn't too thrilled with that, so I decided to try for some sort of fabric effect. I tried a couple of different color combinations, and ended up going with the teal green color.
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