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  1. I was tempted to fork over more cash on the RPM because I really wanted to sophie collection. I moved a few things around (minus driders, minus frenzied fishmen, plus clockwork dragon) and felt like I got something "new". Recently got hit with a $2k paycut in order to keep my awesome job.... *sigh* Sorry reaper. Gotta make sure I can pay my rent.
  2. If you came in at Vampire then I would suggest two. I am picking up two, and hoping that it covers all the mini's I picked up.... then add in all the figures I already have...
  3. I find myself hoping that the RPM comes out sooner rather than later so I can avoid the temptation of handing over more money. That being said, I also can appreciate it taking a little longer so it is done right the first time.
  4. I don't see the complaint honestly. This is a fantasy setting, so provocative women are part of the deal. If you want female giants who are in a less suggestive pose, or more of a warrior type then I humbly suggest getting the fire or frost giants. Lets put an end to this silly idea that the storm giant women is dressed up like some hussy who is trying to pick up guys on the corner, because she isn't, and frankly the design matches up pretty well with what you find for storm giant lore. :)
  5. Personally I say go for the case. $25 and you have storage for 150 mini's. You just can't find anything (thats not a DIY job) better. The paints are a good deal, but I personally rather choose my own colors to purchase instead of just getting bundles that have been set for me.
  6. A shirt, or poster with the F5 Sophie would be awesome! I would purchase one without question! Let's make it happen Reaper!
  7. I am going to take a week off, and stock up on paint, brushes, junk food, soda, and booze. Netflix will playing 24/7 while I paint until my eyes bleed, and I will try to remember to take 20 minute power naps now and then.
  8. I have been looking into some utilities for my DragonLance game as well, but I also don't want to important a ton of information either. Thanks for the links Heruca.
  9. For some reason I figured Dallas would have a few more markers than it does. Very cool idea for the map however.
  10. 226 pages? I guess I shouldn't be surprised... at least on a forum it's going to be easier to keep up with the comments! Reaper said that they have a final surprise for us... trying to think of what is possibly could be!
  11. I don't actually DM very often. I consider my "A" game to come from being a player. My old regular DM got used to me quick, and realized that the more he fed me the more I'd give back. Give me half an opportunity, and I'll ham it up enough to make William Shatner faint from envy. One of my former players always said "if the DM ain't cryin' then you ain't tryin'!"
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