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  1. leaves an enticing box marked 'Wolf Snakes Snacks' with a label addressing it to @Glitterwolf
  2. She seems more like a Krispy Kreme kinda girl. She has so far refrained from turning the parking lot into a moat but it's a bit disconcerting having the alligators able to step directly onto our lawn rather than having them 30 or so feet down a slope. I'm not sure who is more nonplussed by the situation we find ourselves in, us or the alligators.
  3. The local river god appears to desire to flush the pesky man apes from her banks. I would not care particularly one way or the other if she wasn't threatening to flood my parking lot in the process. I'll know in the morning if moving my precious chariot to higher ground will be necessary.
  4. Got to work to find that Microsoft pushed an update and it sent my computer into a blue screen loop. Fought it for about 30 minutes and then gave up and sent it to IT to be re-imaged.
  5. I had trouble first thing this morning but it seems to have cleared up for me. And the obligatory: 'Have you tried turning it off and then on again?'
  6. Doing some professional sightseeing site inspections today. @Chaoswolf good luck with the packing. Remember this is the home stretch So don’t panic and if you can’t find the pets and children you were maybe packing too fast.
  7. I ironed one shirt and one pair of pants last year and that was only because I had to attend a funeral.
  8. So you're saying that the 298.15 K temperature in the hall overrides anything your heating and cooling plant does and you end up with between 534.67 R and 535.67 R in your domicile?
  9. Truthfully, I would start running as I started making the remark myself.
  10. The Gentlemen was prime Guy Ritchie if you like that sort of thing. As it happens I do so I was quite happy with it.
  11. Mighty brave of that chicken to be hanging out across the street from a Wing Stop. They might view bagging one that size as a challenge.
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