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  1. I've been looking at magnifying desk lamps as well. Any reason why the headband is better than the lamp? Also, as a cheaper alternative, I recently picked up one of these and its not bad.
  2. Thanks for sharing, I've been looking for a spray primer to use for the bigger bones models since I also like to work up from a black basecoat. Do you find any stickyness on the mini after spray priming?
  3. Well done. I especially like the gold NMM.
  4. I didn't know this mini could look so good. Awesome OSL too.
  5. I have to ask. Is that "popcorn" container for basing materials? I am literally using the exact same one. Oh wow. I really necro'ed this one. Didn't realize it was that old.
  6. Over all I'm very happy so far but I haven't opened my Dragons Don't Share to test the fit of all the pieces yet.. My 92667 is completely headless and my basilisk - 92855 has melted or burned along the spikes on his back, anyone else have this issue?
  7. Wow, I just saw all this for the first time. Everything looks great and I've really enjoyed watching your progress. Thanks for sharing.
  8. This is amazing. Beautiful sculpt and paint.
  9. Thanks. I'm partial to the red.
  10. Inspired by other recent Hero Quest painters, I painted these up. No idea what colour Firmirs are supposed to be so I had to take a few guesses.
  11. The second picture is immediately after the boil and the lean is gone. I didn't upload a pic from today but the lean is back. And thanks. I've been using leftover backsplash tiles for bases and D&D maps. They are exactly 1x1.
  12. Preface: I am not a professional or expert. I started this WIP in case anyone else has the same struggles as I do with this fig. I am very open to suggestions. The first problem I had with this model is that when placed on its base, with three feet in the provided slots, the figure has a significant lean to one side. As suggested by forum goers, I boiled him and dunked him in an icy bath to straighten him out. It seems to have worked. Now, It is two weeks later and I'm happy I didn't fill any gaps or start painting because the "lean" seems to have returned, although not as pronounced as before. I'm going to retry the boil and bath and post the results here. Comments and suggestions welcome. Thanks for looking.
  13. Looking good! I'm in the same boat as you. I have a small handful of Hero quest minis left over too. I wish I had held on to more of them. I recently repainted my Chaos Warrior and Firmirs and I've been meaning to get started on the dwarf too. I don't remember the mummy but I love the colours you achieved.
  14. The boiling and ice water made a huge difference in the "leaning" problem I had. I'll post some pics in a WIP when I can. The wings and even the legs get very soft during this process though so I'm not too happy with their current position since I was focused on the body during cool-down. I'm hoping another quick dip and dunk for just the wings will resolve that problem.
  15. I'm getting ready to start working on my Nethyrmaul and I've noticed a few really large gaps I'm going to need to fill. I also notice he tends to lean quite a bit when he's on the base. Has anyone else had these issues? Anyone have a few tips on gap filling for an epoxy noob? I think either way, I might start a WIP so that the other Noobs can learn from my mistakes. Unless someone has some great tips, I think I'll be trying to rebalance the whole thing by adding some material under the left side of the base.
  16. Wow. Thanks guys. I'm buying myself some green stuff today for the first time so I can start working on my Nethyrmaul. I put him together but I need to fill a lot of gaps. Thanks for the wishes!
  17. These turned out great. Are they pinned to the bases or just glued?
  18. My desire to "spray prime" is really just to get a dark undercoat of colour on the large minis before I start using my teeny reaper bottles. I have a feeling my Nethyrmaul will eat up a lot of the paint from one of those droppers. I wonder if brushing-on some watered down craft paint would give me a similar effect without the danger inherent to spray primers.
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