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  1. Interesting skin tone. Very cool.
  2. I especially love the base. Any chance of a WIP on that base technique?
  3. Do those zombies have glowing yellow eyes? Awesome.
  4. I'd like to agree on the moss as well and the gems are a nice touch. Looks great.
  5. If I remember correctly, Aviriel Tellarion (one of the female elves) had a shield like the one you described. Mine was not in two pieces when I opened it though so if it does belong to the elf, it might be broken.
  6. Mine were delivered today! I'm suddenly feeling ill. Maybe I should take the afternoon off.
  7. This sounds like it would make a cool time lapse video. Anyone?
  8. Looks amazing. Great work on the base and gems too.
  9. I usually don't like the really glossy minis but in the dark color, and as a big slimy spider, it really works.
  10. Sorry for the multiple emails and getting your hopes up, but we want to make sure we get this right so you guys get your stuff in the best possible way. Our shipping people came back to us and asked us to reprocess your shipment a different way, so your original tracking number isn't going to work. For those of you who haven't been in touch with me yet, this is the way it's working: We process your package through UPS, and they provide a tracking number right away. Your package gets freighted across to Canada as part of a huge shipment. WE PAY THE DUTIES ON THAT, NOT YOU. (Just to be clear. ; ] ) Once UPS Canada process our freight drop, your tracking number goes live into the system. That will take about 3-4 days from the time you get your next tracking email. You'll be getting another email with a new tracking number once we reprocess you. We're really sorry about the delay and redo on this one, but it's really important we get this right for you. If you have any questions, you can reply to this email. I'm very busy with all this stuff, but I'll get back with you as soon as I can. kit
  11. I grabbed a Bones list someone put up on Google Docs. I don't remember what thread I found the link but it has been helpful. I use it along with the big KS image to verify which mini I am looking at and then mark it down. I have then been sorting them into baggies with a sticky note inside that has a label for what they are. (i.e Barbarian/Warrior types, Rogue/Assassin types, etc...) Oh and I am numbering each one with the SKU on the bottom so I can reference that with the XLS document. Edit: I have had my box for a month now I think and still working on sorting. I kinda stopped about a week or so ago and have maybe half the box left. I got the document Jasper was talking about. Its exactly what I needed and it includes images. The thought of putting that much time into sorting and cataloguing when I have so much prep work to do is mind blowing. I'm really looking forward to it.
  12. Now that my Bones are making their way towards me, I find myself wondering how I'm even going to process them. After the initial kid-at-Christmas joy fades away, I'll probably checklist and sort into some kind of "paint now", "paint soon" and "paint eventually" piles. Does anyone know if there is a vampire checklist available? aside from the kickstarter image page?
  13. Wow. Thanks Reaperbryan! So excited for this delivery.
  14. I got my shipping notification at end of day Friday for the following; should I be concerned that the UPS tracking info doesn't work yet? Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Starter Set 2 x1 Nethyrmaul x1 Spider Centaurs x1 Forces of Nature x1 Mind your Manors x1 Starter Paint Set x1 vampire x1
  15. Thanks for sharing. I'm following your progress and taking notes.
  16. Yeah. I got Forces of Nature but even if the value isn't there for those two, I still feel like the investment as a whole has an incredible value. I opted in for paint sets too and I think those alone make up for anything I lost on forces of nature, let alone the value of the vampire alone.
  17. I think its great. What did you make the actual planks from? They look like they could be popcicle sticks but the texture suggests otherwise.
  18. He wants you to paint all of his vampire + addons? You're going to be busy.
  19. Thanks for the info. Is quickshade a reaper product?
  20. The finished goblins look great. Did you quick-shade / wash immediately after the photos posted in this thread or was there another step? Man, every time I see that Bones bugbear I'm filled with envy. I can't wait to get my hands on that one.
  21. I don't have any more chaos warriors although I wish I did. I will be painting up a few of the orcs, goblins and....cyclops lizardmen?
  22. Thanks and Do It! I only have a handful left from when I used to play this game many years ago. I regret not keeping all of them. I'd love to see someone else paint a few of the of the models I didn't manage to save.
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