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  1. Thats it! Wow. That was what I pictured, yes. Thanks.
  2. Thanks everyone. I wasn't too sure about the scythes but I appreciate all the opinions. In the picture above, the light is hitting the flat part of the scythe but I imagined these were lit from above. It was a struggle but I had to try something as a flat metallic paint didn't look too good.
  3. Like most of us (I assume) I have a ton of Bones incoming and I decided I better start practising before they arrive. I'm new to the hobby and I decided to start with some old minis I scooped up long ago from a game called Hero Quest or maybe Hero's Quest. I figured skeletons would be an easy way to start. I glued these minis to slate back splash tiles I found on clearance at a local Do-It-Yourself retailers. They give a really nice weight to the minis and I just wanted to share even though my phone photos aren't great and ask for some advice on finishing the bases. I think I might add some small rocks and sand painted grey and keep it simple but I want to blend the lines on the existing moulded base so its not so noticeable I wonder if I can rough it up a bit to look more like the slate edges. Also, very open to advice or criticisms. I learned a lot in painting my first two, hopefully I improve a little more before my Bones arrive. Cheers!
  4. Wow. This is really good. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  5. For anyone who is interested, I tried clipping the base off in small bits and sanding down the bottom of the feet on one of the goblins I had with a similar base. The result was not what I was hoping for. The clipping process was harder than I thought it would be and looked a little sloppy even after some sanding. Maybe a more experienced hobbyist could do a better job. I also found with such a small surface area, (just feet) the epoxy didn't hold as well as I hoped. There was a bond but it broke under a small amount of pressure. If I did this again, it would certainly need to be pinned for support. I decided against trying the same process on the Chaos Knight since I only have one and I didn't want to ruin it accidentally. I also tried scoring the original moulded base and scratching the surface of the slate tiles and attaching them with epoxy. The bond on a bigger surface area was much better. We will have to see if there is anything I can do to improve the look overall after the minis are painted but for now, and for me, this seems like the best solution. I will post some pics when I can for anyone interested in the final product. Thanks for all the tips.
  6. I haven't decided about base texturing yet. I wanted to use the bases as a sort of dungeon tile base, avoiding sand and static grass and such. I may even attempt to paint a few cracks and highlights. I'm going to try a few different techniques with the epoxy and pins etc and post to the WIP thread. We shall see. Thanks for the tip!
  7. I managed to buy some 1" x 1" slate backsplash tiles at my local DIY Building Centre. I bought them with the intention of basing some minis but they would probably also serve as awesome dungeon tiles as well but they may be a little on the heavy side. If your timing is right, you can get them on clearance like I did. (144 1"x1" tiles for $5)
  8. Thanks. I was hoping not to hear that. The nature of slate tells me I'll have a hell of a time trying to make holes for pinning. Maybe Ill do a few experiments and post in the WIP forum.
  9. That's an interesting way to look at it, thanks. I was going to try to cut under the boots but I like your idea better. As for fastening to the slate base, I have a few HQ goblins with broken weapons and I think I'll experiment to see how the epoxy and slate work together.
  10. I'm new to the hobby and in preparation for all my Kickstarter Bones, I want to practice a little. I've managed to find a handful of old Hero's Quest minis that at first glance seem like good starters for learning to paint. However, I don't like the moulded base. Has anyone had any experience in cutting one of these off the base? I'm wondering if its even feasible since some of the feet are moulded fairly close to the base. Additionally, my local Do It Yourself hardware store was clearing out 1" by 1" slate backsplash tiles which I picked up since they look like they would make nice bases. I'd like to attempt using epoxy to attach one of these to a slate tile but I don't want to destroy the mini in the process since I plan to use them in my D&D game. Anyone with experience fastening plastic minis to slate bases? I'd love some advice or at least a "what-not-to-do". Thanks.
  11. Thanks! No primer needed sounds pretty good. Looking forward to trying.
  12. So Brush on Primer is probably the best option? I was considering using a spray primer. Anyone with experience using spray primer and Bones?
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