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  1. Received mine this morning too: Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Frost Wyrm x2 C'thulhu x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 Grave Danger x1 Hydra x2 Iconics II x1 Dark Heroes x1 Deep Dwellers x1 Nethyrmaul x2 Pirates x1 Iconics x1 Forces of Nature x2 Fire Giant Warriors x1 Spider Centaurs x1 Red Dragon x2 We Be Goblins x1 Clockwork Dragon x2 Undead Giant x2 Deathsleet x1 Demons x2 Fire It Up! x1 There Be Dragons x2 Figure Case x2 Mind your Manors x2 Orcapocalypse x2 Frost Giants x2 Ebonwrath x1 Fire Giants x2 Undead Horde x3 Fighters x1 vampire x7 Your shipment was postmarked on 07-01-2013 and is being shipped UPS Ground. Not sure how I got hopped up to the front of the line, I was sure I was in the last thousand or so. Glad to see kaos is getting his as well, we have a small trade arranged.
  2. I guess my buying buddy and I will be jealous of the pictures posted for the next month or so. None the less, glad we're finally at the shipping stage. Your Selection: Vampire x7 $700 Fighters x1 $4 Undead Horde x3 $30 Fire Giants x2 $20 Ebonwrath x1 $10 Frost Giants x2 $20 Orcapocalypse x2 $50 Mind Your Manors x2 $20 Figure Case x2 $50 There Be Dragons x2 $30 Fire It Up! x1 $5 Demons x2 $30 Deathsleet x1 $10 Undead Giant x2 $20 Clockwork Dragon x2 $30 We Be Goblins x1 $9 Red Dragon x2 $20 Spider Centaurs x1 $10 Fire Giant Warriors x1 $10 Forces Of Nature x2 $30 Iconics x1 $7 Pirates x1 $5 Nethyrmaul x2 $50 Deep Dwellers x1 $7 Dark Heroes x1 $5 Iconics II x1 $5 Hydra x2 $30 Grave Danger x1 $5 Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10 C'thulhu x1 $10 Frost Wyrm x2 $20
  3. Aww c'mon.. you couldn't have shared this genius idea a couple of days ago?
  4. Extenuating circumstances. You can be forgiven. Also congratulations!
  5. Accountant here (not often is that said in a positive tone). I do taxes rather than bookkeeping, but here's my best guess: Assuming Reaper is using accrual method of accounting rather than cash method (as in it records a sale when the transaction happens, not when money is received) they'll mark all paint and sophie money as actual sales (it's shipping next month). They'll then have a short term liability (in that they owe us minis) for the remaining amount until next year. This will defer most of the income to 2013 (delaying when they pay tax and thus getting the best time value of their money). This would have to be consistent with other sales though. Do they usually report a sale when the order is processed? when it's shipped? when money is received? Hope that helps. I reserve the right to be completely wrong, there may be some rule or exception that I don't know off hand.
  6. Yup. Original Pledge: $100. (the beginning) End of Kickstarter Pledge: $300 (dragons you say?) Reaper Paints: $150 or so (impatient) Bones Minis from FLGS: $50 or so (might as well) Metal Minis from Reaper: $40 or so (oh what the heck) Total RPM Pledge: $593 (I give up, take it all) This from a person that has never owned a mini before. I've now painted 30 minis for a board game and one for my D&D character with my wife's help. Without this Kickstarter, Reaper doesn't see any of that money. Well played Reaper... Well played.
  7. Locked and loaded. Almost tripled my order. Buyers remorse? Not a chance.
  8. I do believe that was an evil laugh. Proof is in the pudding.
  9. Thanks! and agreed. I was up too late as it was last night though. Basing will have to wait a bit.
  10. I got my order from miniature-giant in a couple days ago (backordered, and then delayed again because I wanted to add another backorder item). I know it's not one of the bones, but it's one of my first minis ever and the first one of my own I'll be using in a weekly game.
  11. My ridiculously large order of paints comes in today (went through the reaper catalog and chose most of the colors I liked, plus 2 HD sets). I've been constantly checking the fed ex tracker for the last week. Bugbear and Knoll minis from the FLGS are getting some action tonight!
  12. I saw this also a few weeks back, but I agree with papercut here, $25 for a digital download seems ridiculous. I've kickstarted far more labor intensive videogames for much less. Looked interesting, but not worth it for me. For what it's worth, I'd definitely consider a digital download at the $10-$15 range.
  13. Small and Xtra-Small only. Start your diet now.
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