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  1. That is a much better description of what I was trying to describe.
  2. I hold them in my hands so they vibrate at about the rate my brush hand does. I find putting my wrists together helps. Obviously this is for the smaller pieces. As for the original question, I prefer the metal hands-down. I don't like the loss of detail or the random floppy bits. Beyond that I'm not sure that it's so much I don't like Bones - it's that I REALLY like metal. The weight is very satisfying. I also don't have to carry mine, so that helps. (We almost always game here. I run here and adopted the "if you want to use my toys you can either do it where they live or carry them yourself" policy. I got tired of hauling three trunks to game.) I backed the KS heavily. If I had to do it again I wouldn't have done so heavily. I'm not sure I would have backed it at all (as much as I love Reaper, I have no negative feelings there.) Currently I have no plans to get in on the second one, at least not for Bones type things. (Now, a set of Sophies or something.....) I seriously considered selling mine off and decided they would work well enough even if they aren't my favorites. Plus they make great bribes/rewards for my less metal-obsessed friends. That said I am very grateful for how hard Reaper worked to get everything shipped and fulfilled. That got them into the small group of companies I will go out of my way to both do business with and get others to patronize. Sorry for rambling. It's still early here and I'm not done with my first cup of tea yet.
  3. Mine was a weekend order. Got the notice today. :) You're getting: Demons x3 C'thulhu x1 IMEF Paint Set x1 Starter Set 2 x1 Kaladrax Reborn x2 Hydra x3 Dungeon Dressing x1 Nethyrmaul x2 Jabberwock x2 Frost Wyrm x2 Forces of Nature x2 Fire Giant Warriors x2 Spider Centaurs x4 Red Dragon x3 Clockwork Dragon x4 Mythos Monsters x2 Undead Giant x2 Deathsleet x4 TownsFolk x1 There Be Dragons x3 Mind your Manors x2 Starter Paint Set x1 Undead Paint Set x1 Orcapocalypse x1 Frost Giants x1 Ebonwrath x3 Fire Giants x1 vampire x4
  4. I believe Kit said they were using Amazon which mean's it's out on the cloud. Every time then that they ping reaper's server it breaks the cloud echosystem and thus costs Reaper a pretty penny. It's been a bit since I've had to deal with cloud pricing but I wouldn't be surprised if the counter was costing them a few grand a week. It would surprise me. We deal with AWS a lot. I doubt they need terribly big instances and the band width cost tends to be negligible. Cloud based resources have gotten very affordable. They keep dropping rates as competitors come on line. :)
  5. Yeah, I've always found the Canadians taking credit for that rather silly. I've heard a few Canadians refer to it as something they did to us in our last war. I just laughed at them and reminded them they didn't exist as a country then. We just think of it as the Brits doing.
  6. And Bonesy wins the race! Congrats Bonesy!
  7. I used it to get my D20 group to give CoC a shot. They would have probably been willing to try the normal rules but it would have been a much bigger ordeal to create characters and run the game. Now that they've had a taste I'm introducing them to the regular version. We all knew D20 wasn't a great fit for it going in, but it worked well enough for one-shot type games. The spell casting mechanic also fit in well with some of the ancient history of magic in my D&D campaign world, so I've used that lightly but regularly. Overall I'm pleased with it. It did what I wanted it to do.
  8. So.... there goes more money. Yay!
  9. I'm impressed so far. I have not gotten to use them in a game but preliminary tests showed the players liked them.
  10. It's because the elves keep killing the dwarves so they have to keep making new dwarves to replace them.
  11. Thank you :) That fact isn't terribly encouraging about this one though.
  12. How has fufillment gone on their other one? Is it complete? I know they had issues with Wotc but other than that how was it?
  13. This is one of the rare times I don't mind throwing in at a higher level even if there is a more economical option1. I've literally wanted this exact product for over a decade. The closest I've found have been some cheesy horror ones from various Halloween sound effect CDs. For gothic horror games I tend to use a playlist of Nox Arcana albums.2,3 1 Not to say anyone else should feel the need to do so, this just happened to hit at a happy time when I was able to do so. 2 I got an IM recently from one of my players that started with "Damn you!". It seems he was listening to Pandora when a Nox Arcana song came on. He wasn't paying much attention to the music and said it took him a minute to figure out why his heart started racing and he suddenly wanted to have his back against a wall with his sword in hand. He was in the campaign where I ran the 3.5 Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. I have been accused of giving them a light form of PTSD. 3 I think the footnotes might indicate I need to stop reading medieval history for a bit and read a novel or something.
  14. Just be sure to check up a bit on the companies or people running the KS. There are several that have less than stellar track records, e.g. starting another KS or three before fulfilling the first one, selling through retail channels before sending to backers, etc. That said it is a great way to get nice things at a discount or get things that otherwise would never be made (like the Are you a werewolf? KS)
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