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  1. Anyone use these as part of their dip formula? Looking for wash and dip recipes.
  2. Think this will be an Ice Hydra for my Frostgrave campaign. :)
  3. Dry brush with Sky Blue and wash with Dark Blue. Or, vica versa. Haven't decided.
  4. Day 3 Tried, and failed, at making a dark blue wash. Tried, learned, and practiced dry brushing with Ral Partha Sky Blue. Day 2 Add some more details.. With Reaper MSP Graveyard Bone Day1 Base coat with IWM (Ral Partha) True Blue
  5. +1 for Mordheim, Blood Bowl, and Epic. played Necromunda once or twice when it came out, but I'm more of a Fantasy > 40K now kinda guy.
  6. That Disney movie that came out on December 18... what was it called again?
  7. Yes. the 500 series RP paints are ones I have not been able to track down. and that makes me a sad panda :(
  8. For those wanting real deal... Edit: had these since about 1997.
  9. Yes.. Was saddened by the IWM logo on them and not the iconic Ral Partha boldness. Will post pics of my propper RP paints tomorrow. Let this one marinate tonight.
  10. Someone had used all my Shamrock Green!!! The nerve! I know. But today, I have been made whole. Now my Clan Wars Tortise Marines can get the colors they deserve. Now, where's that goblin mascot of ours? *tip-o-the-hat* :)
  11. Sedition Wars minis have a purpose in gaming/painting/life... Think you found one of those purposes.
  12. Let's see.... GW's RTB01 kit was.. intense as a first intro to the hobby many moons ago. The Predator tank was cake next to that kit. Both my original Rogue Trader marines and tank have long since been gone. /tear/ Then, I got into AEG's Clan War. Still have all of these. The only assembly for most of these was attaching the mini to the base! HA! The metal dragons were not fun compared to the minis. Much time passed... Then along came a certain Bones KS project to re-kindle things inside. Maybe I'm being cantankerous, maybe I'm not. The hydra from the 1st Bones KS just makes me.. frown for some reason. And in their finite wisdom, GW re-re-re-released, 4th ed, Space Hulk. I liked the Termies, except for the captain and the claws guy. I did not enjoy putting the main Genestealer together. Not sure why. Finally, my Horus Heresy: Battle at Calth will be in this week. I have magnets ready to go for load out changes and am ready for model assembly.
  13. Out of all my stuff, the Undead Horde is the worst. Bent all to heck. Waiting on them to un-bend/naturally bend back now for over two weeks. The rest I am alright with. But they all seem a little small. Especially the Undead Horde. The larger stuff is nice though. Dig the larger stuff.
  14. Ah. The parasite in my intestines... Thanks for putting a face with a pain.
  15. My 2nd idea. My 1st was to go more like a Magma golem. Black, with fiery veins. Then I saw the moss and thought, o snap. That's damn cool.
  16. Yes. Hi. I do not like you at this time. You have turned me no to WargamesFactory and their orcs (and skeletons). For that, I hate you because I have yet to start my Bones KS painting and here I am wanting more minis. You ,sir, are a mean one!
  17. In all seriousness, do you have hard water?
  18. That treasure chest looks scary. I'd stay away. It can keep its treasure. And that spider looks like it is laying eggs. Get some bug spray. HTH.
  19. Every time I see this thread's title, I think of Dave Chappell's "When keeping it real, goes wrong" skits. Which is why I always step correct.
  20. Aarrgghh! But I don't have money right now!!!
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