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  1. Nice Lion's Pride! Pulled out my CW minis last night. Have a lot to clean up. Have some Akodo Deathseekers I really want to re-do. :)
  2. Sooner or later I'll get my chance. Paintnapping is as intricate and precise as a well-played game of chess. Took him a while to show up. No worries. I've deployed massive amounts of Clan War minis and my SW WEG AT-PT mini.
  3. Someone on BGG posted some stats of averages, standard deviations, means, modes, maxes, for all KS projects. Reading that post, I realised that there was no way to expect a March delivery of Reaper KS given its size and scope. At work, BGG is blocked, can't search for the post. Sorry. Someone else, quick! use your Google-Fu!
  4. I deal with governments all of the time, let me fix that for you: Governments can't be trusted to put people ahead of profits anything As for Kickstarters, I've joined plenty, usually you can tell how a person will conduct themselves with how well they respond to people's questions, concerns, etc during the KS and how well it seems they are prepared to handle the business. For established companies, they really are a very low risk of investment. No established company can afford the huge black eye taking people's money would result in (or the lawsuits that would happen since they have assets to go after). New companies you just have to moderate what your willing to part with. I've got some KSers that are months behind with little communication from the team running them (and I've written off that money) - but the project was shaky to begin with, so I didn't throw more than a family dinner out at it. I figured, it would be cool if it succeeded, bummer if it didn't. Generally, most people will do their best to complete the project if they can (sort of like eBay in the early days when you trusted people with little recourse to send product after sending a check to them) - yep, there will always be bad people (intentional or otherwise) that muck with any system - and people who get in over their head with Kickstarter. Just gotta not bet your mortgage/rent money on it. "I'm from the government, I'm here to help." FTFY
  5. Actually, that's Reaper's fault. It's 1 Mr. Bones per order, not per Vampire Box, so they were not prepackaged into the Vampire boxes. I'm not picking on Reaper, just setting the facts straight. ~v Ah. Okay. Well, I got a few extras. So, I'm not hurtin'.
  6. A few points. Going to RANT a little. //RANT ON// 1 - As a US based backer to the Reaper KS, I received my pledge in early July. July 9th to be exact. Again, I am a US backer. People in the "ROW" and Canada got their stuff before me. Did I come to the boards and whine? no. Did I spam email Reaper? No. Why not? Keep reading. 2 - Being a former manager in an Amazon.com fulfillment center, I understand the heartaches, breaks, pains, and stress it is to get stuff into and out the door. Experience with quality, shipping, and receiving, the whole warehouse. 3 - As someone who has completed international shipments (automobiles and used parts for PERSONAL use) into the US and Korea AND from the US and Korea, reading some of the "ROW" comments are just plain mean, rude, and show the posters complete lack of understanding of logistics, shippers, customs laws, and life in general. 4 - My entire pledge had ONE error. I was missing Mr. Bones from my Vampire box. So, that's China's fault, not Reaper's. I emailed them thanking them for my AWESOME KS package and asked, when they get a chance, for a Mr. Bones. I know he will arrive, when they get the chance. I can wait. I have 240+ other minis waiting for paint now. Horror stories? Customer service? Issues in general? This KS was damn near FLAWLESS. Why? Because I did not build up expectations for/against Reaper in my head. I just went along my life. When they showed up, they showed up. I posted a happy picture when they arrived. //RANT OFF// Thanks for reading. Happy painting. KS users, I hate the failed stuff for you.
  7. Invite a "friend" over and have them open the box for you. If they have problems, they have problems. Not your problem. Problem solved. New problem created... what to do with a loose undying dragon... hmm.
  8. Thanks for the tip. My Vamp undead horde is the worst as far as being bent out of shape. The rest aren't too bad.
  9. Found this page talking about the cheap acrylics and oils: enjoy!
  10. Most digital cameras have a macro setting. It's the flower setting for those needing a picture reference.
  11. Yeah. Don't paint in humidity. 80F Humidity: 71% Over did the paint to see and show how it effects the KS Bones.
  12. Ral Partha! Ral Partha! Bah-bah-booey! Howard Stern! Ral Partha! Ral Partha! Looking for "Old Paints".. Back to topic. I like when people post pics of old minis, too.
  13. THIS. Just sprayed a NOVA Marine with Army Painter White spray primer. Here are my thoughts and results. If I was hardcore about painting, I would have used the main color spray as a base coat for this mini, like a nice pink or purple. HAHA! Kidding. However, do NOT spray in humidity. I went outside at 9am EST here in the North Carolina foothills. Not even 70F outside. It didn'f FEEL humid. However, I am going to wait until the fall to spray any models that really could use it just to completely avoid the humidity. If I do any priming with sprays, I will have to do them super early on low humidity days down here. This paint did not fall off. This paint is not gunky. This paint is not sticky. The model did not "melt" where the paint hit it. I would use this paint for big things to do a base coat and save me some time. For example: The platemail color for Wyrmgear or Red for the red dragon. The paint feels dry like a flat spray paint should feel. Side bar: For my Kaladrax, I will be using the Army Painter Skeleton Bone spray primer as a base coat. Then I will use the paints from the KS Undead paint set for washes, etc. Of course, this will be after I paint a few of my KSBones to get back in the swing of things and get some of these "modern" and "advanced" techniques down. Bad pic. I know. iPhone camera. Bad lighting. Gotta get back to work!
  14. Yeah. My dad made a nice wall mural for my son. Only used up the Shamrock Green. Holding Dragon Red for my KS Red Dragon.
  15. Resources are amazing given when I last painted there wasn't any such thing as a website..... Yes! Like my 1st batch of Space Marines I painted in 1993... No base coat. Globbed on paint. Came out very glossy. Gave away last century.
  16. Yup. I have an Army Painter White I am going to use on a NOVA marine. Heading to work in a few. Will test it when I get there.
  17. Speaking of craft paint, found some old craft paints in the paints my folks brought me. Had CLEARANCE sale stickers on them with a June '96 date... 5 for 99 cents! =] Have the 48 paints for $38 posted. Haven't used them, yet. Have a whole mess of Ral Partha paints, too. Finally, have 2 of the Bones Kickstarter paint sets. Not sure what color I am missing. I'll figure it out.
  18. Go grey if you do. Easier to see what's primed, and it should bring up all the details. So will the Army Painter grey work on the bones then? Be happy using that (and perhaps the bone color for undead dragons). I'm about to try it on some "expendable" minis. Will let you all know tomorrow.
  19. Cleaned up the lids to my RP paints and shook them all up. Glad I did that. RP paints on hand are: 77-501 Platinum Metalic 502 Aged Metal 503 Cold White 504 Bone White 505 Will-O-Wisp 506 Shale 508 Fur Brown 509 Saddle Bag 511 Tan Skin 512 Noble Flesh - Dried out... :( 514 Dragon Red 516 Robe Red 518 Nightmare 519 Mystical Blue 520 Dragon Blue 521 Wood Elf Green 522 Hunter Green 523 Moss Green 709 Shamrock Green - All used up.... :( 711 Dun 715 Ivory 716 Yellow 717 Orange 718 Red 719 Sky Blue 720 True Blue 723 Purple 724 Lantern Light 804 Olive Also dug out the box of 48 Liquitex Basics paints I bought last year and never used. I might have a good start to paints. But you always need the one you don't have. ;-P HAHA!
  20. You mean you don't fill your nose with paint and sneeze at it? 'Cause that's totally what you should do. The Army Painter spray primer: Skeleton Bone. That will be my base coat for Kal. Will do a grey for the base that he digs his claws into. Just a thought. Booger paint is an option as the previous poster noted.
  21. On the fence about adding a base to this one. As for painting, I think I have a solid plan down for priming and base coating.
  22. Having worked on major distributions (Harry Potter 7, Lost Symbol), be glad you are sitting at your computer and not in the chaos of the warehouse. They could be your mistakes. Therefore, yes, be glad they are not your mistakes.
  23. Looks like a lot of you regret not getting more cases. Did you all check out the trade thread..?
  24. I regret opting for Jabberwok over Cthulhu when I did my final order. Other than that, need more time and space! :-P
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