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  1. You are missing the zombie hunters. Forget the rest of that bag.
  2. Ok. Inventoried some of the big and easy stuff and recognizable stuff. Results: Missing: Mr Bones. Looked twice. =[. Where was your Mr. Bones??? Extra: - Hyrekia (both of mine were in a box with paints) - 4 Nova Marines in their own baggie (separate from the Vampire huge bags) - one zombie shambler from the undead horde
  3. Dear 2012 Self... Why did you NOT order Cthulhu??? And got Jaberwok instead??
  4. Thanks. I'll have to see what I can afford. Fortunes changed since pledge. =]
  5. A few things have come together in the past year for me. Three within the last week alone: - my Ral Partha paints and gaming minis (Clan War) are now back under my roof. One paint casualty for 15 year old paint. "Noble Flesh" is rock hard. (painted many-a Clan War mini with these paints.) - my copy of HeroQuest is back under my roof. Time to clean up my old, no technique, Folk Art (don't hate! I was 12) paint job. - and my Bones KickStarter pledge arrived last Tuesday!!! (see post in Thank You thread on Bones sub forum for pic.) - cleaned up the storage room with enough space for a table. =D So, with the perfect storm coming together, I am looking to get back into painting. Time to look at some guides and how to's for refreshers. =D
  7. I'm a boil first kinda guy. Luckily I only have ONE add-on needing a boil though.
  8. Nice idea. I will have to *tag* this post to remember that. Looking at the copy of HQ I have, well, it's held up VERY well these 23 years. Only the gargoyle's wing is broken. And that was done over 20 years ago! Now to work out the stats of the Undead Giant vs. the Heroes. Muahahahaha!
  9. Now that they came in... and I put the add-ons together... And I got my copy of HeroQuest from my folks' house... I plan to augment my HeroQuest game and finish making my card based board game. Now I will never run out of minis for any game, ever!
  10. Test? Edit. Badge fail. :( .. edit again.
  11. I look at the Bones and other Reaper minis everytime I go into my LGS... I pick at least one up to look at it VERY carefully and ask myself, "Self, do you want to paint this now?" Then I remember the 24 Battletech minis and tons of paint waiting to be painted. And the house we just closed on that needs the entire inside painted... And I tell myself, "Self, when the house is ready and your Mancave is ready, you can paint the minis." :)
  12. I share your horrible, horrible feeling about ending up spending more money once the RPM is finished...
  13. Making my own game because I don't like dice. Decks of cards are better, IMHO. :)
  14. Right now, in the meantime, I am working on making my own Bones Board Game using the Mage Knight mechanics. I have a graphic for the backs of the cards all done up and need to find some other artwork for the rest. Working on a 60 card common Action Card deck all players draw from. Have about three more Blue cards to figure out. Removed the Action Card Offer. Working on stats for all the "bad guy" minis I am getting, with a few more thrown in. Have a preliminary "Defense" value for each "bad guy" mini. I think working on the Spells will be the next easiest thing to do. Keeping the Spell Offer. The "Unit Offer" will be after spells. Finally, character stats for some heroes is needed. That will be last as it will be the hardest. Since I love Mage Knight in Solo Mode, this will be geared toward solo play and people who got the Vampire pledge level. Expect more to come!
  15. I foresee lots and lots of minis and lots and lots of painting parties... Starting in March until the end of time. HA!! :) Lots of vampires out there, too.
  16. Pledge: Vampire (minus Sophie) Options: Case (x2) Fire Giant King & Queen Ice Giant King & Queen Red Dragon Undead Giant Nethyrmaul Clock Dragon Forces of Nature Paint Set 2 Undead Paint Set 3 Basic Set 2 Kaladrax Reborn Cthulhu Extras: Necromancers Grave Danger Dark Heroes
  17. Need to add some Angels, Archangels, etc to fight them demons and undead. Sexy lady angels, armored angels.. WIN!
  18. I'd like to see some angels to fight all the demons and undead we have.
  19. Painting Augment my Mage Knight board game Painting Augment Arkham Horror Painting Make a diorama of Undead advancing on an unsuspecting town Painting some more...
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