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  1. I had everything but 14560: Kavorgh, Black Orc Warlord is missing his shield arm. I think other people have had this problem. And the usual offenders have no noses or bubble face like other people have seen (the harpy, hell born paladin, ect.). Some of these I dont' care about, but I really want that shield arm, and the hellborns nose lol I was planning on getting some of the giants and some paint when the Bones are all released, so I might just wait to bring it up to Reaper so they aren't sending one arm in a huge box to me x3
  2. That spear works so much better than the sword. Good job!
  3. Mine were delivered to St. Thomas, ON 2 days ago, picked them up from my grandmas yesterday. Cut them out of the packages, but didn't look at them long, am busy lately.
  4. Mine still haven't arrived :( The city it departed this morning was only 15 minutes away. Was hoping for it after work, but no :(
  5. London, Ontario - main exports humidity and construction! The land of never ending construction oh man. I live in Aylmer, and work in St. Thomas. As a picker packer, in a warehouse with no ac. Today was brutal, but our power went out and we got sent home at 2pm. On topic: I got my delivery notice for tomorrow at "end of day". Hopefully it gets to my grandmas house so I can get it after work tomorrow.
  6. Went to check... and now it isn't giving me any details like it did before about being processed, departed, or received... Maybe just stupid website. UPS *squinting*... I've got my eyes on you.
  7. My shipment is "in transit" with UPS apparently. I wish they would drive all weekend and get to Canada already :(
  8. *does a happy dance* now only if I didn't work in a warehouse I could be totally happy for the rest of the summer.
  9. That would make sense... Mississauga to be precise (as opposed to Toronto). I see a lot of my packages go through there when they are coming from the States to Montreal. M Hopefully to Mississauga... considering Toronto is underwater atm (although I don't know how bad the flooding really was, haven't read anything, saw a few clips. Looked bad, but maybe not everywhere).
  10. Even though Nethyrmaul is not as big as Kaladrax (is there a comparison shot somewhere?) i think the sculpt is much more interesting, to me anyways. I think he looks a lot cooler. Can't wait to get my hands on mine :)
  11. Anything been said on the forums or kickstarter about this recently?
  12. Everybody hates Canada apparently (actually, me and an American friend say this all the time, about things like shipping, ect.) @DLMyst & Carnacki: I'm new to the hobby, so I don't have anything to paint. I'm actually not a huge fan of painting (like, on canvas, I actually hate it msot of the time) but maybe I'll enjoy painting the minis. We will see. Anyways, I don't really want to spend any money right now. My cat is a newly diagnosed diabetic (great) and I need a new computer because I spilled water on mine a while ago (also great).
  13. I don't know if it's just the bad mood I've been in, or what, but I'm starting to get a little pissed off by the situation. I'd probably be too depressed to paint them anyways, but at least I wouldn't have to get yanked around by UPS not being on top of things (or Reaper, or the government ffff). Not really mad at Reaper... it's not really all their fault. I should just stop watching the forums or my emails and be pleasantly surprised when my grandma calls and says I have a box.
  14. Just to be clear... we are waiting on UPS to get forms signed with them, not Canada, correct? And we aren't waiting for the escaped packages to come back?
  15. It also makes no difference to Canadians if they swapped and start from the "end" lol
  16. haha, so people were pissed all of Canada was getting done. Now we will probably be last. Hurray.
  17. Got my shipping confermation :) Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting:There Be Dragons x1Deep Dwellers x1Nethyrmaul x1Starter Set 2 x1Figure Case x1Undead Paint Set x1Starter Paint Set x1vampire x1 We're sending that to the following address:---St. Thomas ON---
  18. So is it "all" Canadian orders, or "all" as in all that are already packed? I guess they never said, so idk. Would be nice to get my minis :)
  19. If you wanna think of it on the bright side, whoever got the Forces of Nature for a higher price gets them before anyone else does x3 And personally I traded in my Sophie for Nythermaul/case. I wanted my figures for gaming, and I just didn't see playing with her at all. I'm also not really a fan of her in general. I do like some of her modles, but not most.
  20. I hope it's accurate. Was starting to get down in the dumps about no Canadian orders going out (I'll be one of the last anyways I think cause of ol' Nythermaul).
  21. And if you live in Canada they haven't even started shipping here, because they are waiting on the government to make them a broker or some such so we don't have to play customs fees (I think thats why anyways). That will happen SOON .
  22. http://girlswithslingshots.com some mature themes, but almost all sfw http://gingerhaze.com/nimona About a "bad guy" and a shape shifter http://hemlock.smackjeeves.com/ witches and magic http://kafkaskoffee.com/ Rutabaga: Adventure Chef http://kafkaskoffee.com/wp/?webcomic_post=tombpage0-0cd5666 Same artist as above, really cool story (and it's completed)
  23. I love my e-reader. For my it's easier to read in bed, with the lights out (kobo glo) and I can have hundreds loaded onto it. My roommate read so many book that she developed nerve damage in her hands from holding them, the ereader aleviates that risk for her anyways.
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