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  1. Well, that's interesting... a note from UPS about some kind of package from Reaper. I wonder what that's about? Translation: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! P.S.: And a few hours later, I got the official note from Reaper, too. Yay!
  2. Ooh -- That's a great idea! I wonder what old plastic figure molds are available? I'd certainly like to see some of the nice Dreamblade sculpts reappear. For that matter, as a boardgamer, I'd love to see Reaper license some of their existing plastic minis for use in games. That would reduce the costs for the board game companies (compared with making new molds), make a bit for Reaper, and give us game players some cool miniatures for our games.
  3. Hmm... I'm thinking something based on Water Margin (an old Chinese adventure novel). That has 108 "stars," which would provide lots of roles for the minis to fill. And Kord the Destroyer would make a great Black Whirlwind (Li Kui)!
  4. Yes, that's what I was thinking -- a quick wash to get those zombies looking properly dead. And Wren -- Thanks for writing up these guides! They look like a great resource for figuring out how to work with the Bones.
  5. Would Future/Pledge floor polish work as a medium for washes?
  6. Over on the Kickstarter board, Greyhaze confirmed that some of the unpainted minis (the huge water elemental, ghost hound, and jellyfish) are in clear plastic. $15 for a clear huge water elemental seems to me like a pretty good deal by itself.
  7. Yeah, if more surveys had that as an option, I'd vote a lot more often. :)
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