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  1. That is one awesome table. If only I had room for it. Froy
  2. I also would like to see the final product of your league Erion. The first little bit you presented looked very well done. Froy
  3. This sounds like a movie right up my alley. I will have to give it a shot. Froy
  4. :: stands and applauds :: Anyone that buys from there local game store, instead of online, deserves all the applause I can give. Froy
  5. Personally my intial reaction is why are you asking this question. Then my second response is, Why not make a decision based on what information you can get your hands on, and your personal gut feeling. This is just my two-cents. If the money sings to you, and you feel it is worth the risk, then go. If you feel that the money is not worth the risk, then stay in the U.S. Froy
  6. I must admit as a seller on ebay, this type of bidding is appreciated. I mean the fact that the item jumps in the first few days of being listed means profit in the end for me. Also when it comes to bidding, I put in close to my max bid, and if the item exceeds that, I review the auction and then decide if I really feel I need to buy that item or wait for another to come up. Just my Two-cents Froy
  7. Enchantra the crocodile games elephant is a wonderful piece of metal. If you want one I happen to have one that I could part with at half price. Retails for 19.95. P.M. me if interested.
  8. Thanks Flynn, I am currently using the bubble mailer method, but I wanted to make sure there were no obvious problems that someone might inform me of. Froy
  9. I have recently been doing large amounts of EBay sells, and I was wondering when it comes to sealed boxes of miniatures, what is the general way that most ship them. Do you ship them in a box with bubble wrap or packing peanuts, or could you use Bubble Mailers and then wrap the box in bubble wrap and cardboard. Any feedback from those who buy regularly on EBay. Froy
  10. The game has good overall feel, but the players in this area still feel that Warhammer 40K is the way to go when it comes to tabletop Sci-Fi games.As far as the models, I have a large Viridian Force and the models overall are great IMO. Froy
  11. DChihorn, I think the problem is that most of us are not the artist that do the actual character models from reaper. So naturally we are not all in a hurry to post our paint jobs, even when we are happy with what we have. But if you are ever in the Topeka area, stop by and I will gladly show you my entire army. Froy
  12. I always love to hear about stories where the crime was prevented. Thanks for the link. Froy
  13. I am looking forward to meeting anyone from the Reaper forums. Froy
  14. For anyone interested, I will be at the CAV tables all day Friday. I look forward to meeting some of the talented painters that come to this forum often. Froy
  15. Those are some great photographs flynn. Thanks for sharing them with us. Froy
  16. Great poem GG. Keep them coming. Froy
  17. Here is exactly what have ready to play. This means they are out of the blister, and glued together. Not all have paint, but 70% do. Naginata x4 Stiletto x2 Specter x1 Sultan x2 Katana x1 '70 Dictator x1 Knight x1 Warlord x1 Spartan x1 Regent x1 Ghost x1 Starhawk VI x3 Blitz x2 Duelist x1 Jaguar x2 Rhino x3 Sovereign III x1 Butcher x1 Starhawk V x3 Despot x2 Spider x3 Talon x2 Conqueror x4 Ogre x2 Challenger x1 Tyrant x2 Puma x1 Gladiator II x2 Panther x1 Hunter x2 Thug x1 Raptor x1 Falcon x1 Infantry Light x3 Badger x2 Ghast x8 Whisper Missile x3 Wight x2 Centurion x1 Sabretooth x1 Wraith x2 Total point value of the above 20,605. Then I have the following awaiting assembly still in the blister I bought them in. I am counting them as if they were out of the package assembled, not by the blister. Hornet x8 Stiletto x6 Lance x2 Despot x4 Conqueror x1 Specter x2 Naginata x4 Flail x6 Tyrant x1 Gladiator II x1 Raptor x1 Kharl x4 Dictator x1 Malefactor x2 Wight x1 Longbow x8 Cougar x2 Regent x3 Panther x3 Archer x1 Rhino x1 Lynx x2 Ashigaru x6 BL-Dictator x1 Warlord x1 Whisper Missile x1 Spike x2 Vindicator x8 Katana x1 Manticore x4 Sultan x1 Assassin x1 Harpy x2 Wraith x2 Spider x4 Vanqusher x1 Heavy Infantry x12 Tsuiseki x2 Light Infantry x3 Chieftan x2 Sabre x2 Poltergeist x2 Revenant x1 Kikyu x2 Hedgehog x2 Total point value of the above 20,272 That's what I have. I mainly have this selection because I bought all of my stores selection a while back because we were going through some financial times at the store and CAV is a game I see myself playing for quite a while. Froy
  18. For some terrible pictures, click on the link to A Knight's Realm and scroll down. You will see some CAV pictures from this Monday. Froy
  19. I will most definitely be at Gen Con. I will be looking for CAV players as well. I look forward to meeting the other players as well, and will have a 2500 point section with me. Froy
  20. I would mainly be talking about larger more established cities when I ask these questions. Besides what you can infer from the Fluff, has there been any official or unofficial decision on what Civilian life, and Civilian City design is like. Like when someone designs a building for a city, is it something we would see from a architect in todays world or would it be completely unique to that planet. Is there alternate materials for building supplies. Would we see hover vehicles instead of wheeled vehicles for travel. Would civilian vehicles have automated pilots, or be manual. Would they have sensors that would prevent a vehicle from entering a certain area. Would Civilians be educated in big cities, or would it be a who can afford it type of situation. Would the concept of airports still apply, except that they allow large dropships to land. Any suggestions or thoughts. We are working on fleshing out a planet for our campaign. And we would like to have a background, and the city design of each of the major cities available. Froy
  21. If points allow A Section of Ghast A section of Conquerors
  22. The CAV starter is a nice initial purchase for any newby. I personally would buy it, then move onto what you like from there. Personally when it comes to fliers, I am a Ghast lover. They always have done the job well for me. Froy
  23. Here are a few names for Merc. Groups Plague Bringers Shambling Behemoths Silent Transgressors Mountain Breakers Spear Chuckers Grave Walkers White Wolves Night Owls Spent Shells Feasting Crows Ravens Warlords of the Dark Puppet Masters Haunted Protectors Idiot Savants Boiling Blood Herd Cullers The Dove Flock Maybe one of these will help you. Froy
  24. That's all right Flynn, but it turned out just right for my computer. Froy
  25. I could not help myself but set the tree and rock path pic as my background. These pictures make me want to make a trip to the mountains just for some scenic hiking. Froy
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