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  1. The Fragile Hearts now have three Starhawk VI's. After seeing them played, I am not in that much of a hurry to put them on the board, especially since they cost so much. I think the Mantis might be something we secure as well, since there performance on the field amazed me. Currently we have only one, and have never used it. Froy
  2. Unfortunately I have my number one space game Silent Death, but that can be replaced.
  3. CAV is worth the time and effort. As far as your army idea is concerned, I think it would fare very well. Especially since very few people take the time to worry about the Squishies. Froy
  4. I will be happy to post my full roster. I currently have it at home, but it will definitely be up by Monday morning. I currently rely on my stores computer for my online access. More money to spend on the pewter, plus, since I am here from sun up to sun down, there is no need for it at home. Spartan it also added depth to my history for the Fragile Hearts. We now have an addition to our enemy list. The mercenary group The Hive is our foremost enemy, but since we have seen very little of them recently, the Spartans may take up that position. Froy
  5. The fragile Hearts now have a new respect for the Spartans. We will definitely hold them with reverence and pray for there souls even though we oppose them. We look forward to future fights. This game was great. There were some highlights I would love to point out. The spartans one Rhino made my Ogres Slag. I had three, and every time they went after the one remaining Rhino, my Ogre's went down. Also the Whisper Missiles worked far better then I had ever expected. Two slagged Rhino's and one on DT 5. His Banshees were more then I expected. I had to actually send a Ogre hunting for the Banshees. This was after a Wraith went hunting for the Banshees. Remember to protect your flanks. The spartans came up fast and furious on one side of the board and I payed very little atention until he had my section of Conqueror's under heavy fire. The Starhawk VI's were defintiely fast to say the least. And next time we need to start earlier so that we don't start making stupid tactical decisions. Like the Ghast hunting a DT 4 Revenant. Over all, this game was great. I had a great time and look forward to more games with Spartan in the future. Froy
  6. Froy The Orc

    Buying strategy

    I am done buying until more information is released, but currently, I have a table of blisters for CAV that need assembled. I bought them a few weeks ago and have had life intervene on my hobby. I honestly hope they retain the ability to have Merc groups as a choice. I was never a fan of the you must choose from this list, and this list only. Froy
  7. Froy The Orc

    CAV 2nd Edition

    Waiting patiently for more information. I'm kind of interested in seeing how this affects everything in the long run. Hopefully the changes will be as subtle as we are told. Froy
  8. They will be here Wednesday or Thursday Spartan. I would love to see those Warmaster pictures. Froy
  9. I agree, where are the pics. Froy
  10. Froy The Orc

    Starhawk VI

    My distributor told me the Starhawk VI will be in my weekly order this week. Just wanted all those people to know they will be hitting the shelves soon. Froy
  11. The Warmaster at ReaperCon would be awesome. I would definitely try harder to get there if that were the case.
  12. :: nods in agreement with Spartan ::
  13. Froy The Orc

    CAV Rule

    That is what I thought also, but the opponent I played against sited this example from the core book. I could not explain to him that the math was wrong. 8+2 does not equal twelve. Page 93, Core Rulebook Example: The Rhino In Hex ( A) is conducting a direct fire attack againts the Dictator CAV in hex ( B ). The Rhino must first attempt a target lock. A Rhino with no damage has a target lock of +3 and has Weapons Officer with an experience level of Veteran ( giving a +1 to the target lock die roll). The Dictator has an ECM of +3 ( undamaged as well ) and a +1 for a Veteran level wqeapons officer. The players now roll 1d10 each, both with a +4 modifier.The Rhino gets a 6 and the Dictator gets a 3 result. The rhino has Target lock. Next the Rhino decides to fire Gauss Rotary cannons at the defending Dictator. Each weapon has a base bonus number of +8 vs. hard targets. To this is added the target lock value of +1 and a direct fire situation modifier of +1 since the target is less than 12 inches away for a total roll of +12 Thanks for your response all. Spartan it is nice to see you are back around. Stop by the store if you ever get a free moment. Froy
  14. Froy The Orc

    CAV Rule

    Hello All, This came up in a recent game. When a Target Lock is succesful, when it comes to the firing of the weapons, do you receive just a plus one or the number next to the target lock number. So if you had a target lock +4 When a succesful target lock is made do you add Weapon Attack Bonuses+1 for target lock+D10 Or Weapon Number + 4 for target lock +D10 Thanks for your time. Froy
  15. I may be wrong, but the movie "The Indian In The Cupboard" had some miniatures in them. My memory may be faulty though for it has been years since I have seen it.
  16. I am currently doing around fifty ships for my Silent Death fleets. I have them all set out in a line, and have the base colors and washes on them. I am currently working on the cockpits, and once those are done, I will still have the guns and some dry brushing to go. Also I have started putting together and cleaning the CAV minis I picked up the other day. I have around ninety-five blisters total so I am doing four a day until they are done. Froy
  17. The Spartan, because women can do a lot things with very little. Thinking of my mom who could turn some scrap pieces of cloth into a wonderful shirt. Or could buy us groceries for a week with very little money.
  18. Would that be the Blitz. I forfeit my question if that was right.
  19. Welcome to CAV, the group here is great, and the game is great. As far as fluff goes. I have to admit, I have learned more about CAV trying to find the answers to the Fluff trivia then I ever did just reading the books casually. Froy
  20. Very nice. Looking forward to hearing how it all plays out.
  21. Must have got right in after you Frosch.
  22. Was it the Tyrant Model B, this one made me think, and research.
  23. We were sort of trying the pre-made type before we resorted to making one. As far as the FASA Earthdawn figure I shall see if I can find it. Thanks
  24. A friend of mine is looking for a flying carpet miniature. One that does not have a figure on top of it so he can place his own character on it. Any suggestions? He is going to place a modified Reaper Medusa figure on top of it.
  25. Wow, someone else whoe used Blazing Orange for there CAVS. My initial fifteen or so CAVS were orange. Very cool. Great pictures.
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