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  1. Something I have learned about gaming companies is that patience is a virtue. The only problem is if the company does not tell the public that the game has reached an end, and production on the product has stopped all together. The people who were patiently waiting seem to despise that company all together. I have noticed the promise of a Starhawk VI for quite a while, and have been listening and waiting for any word on a new release date. I do understand that the Reaper peeps have a full load, but it seems we need to hear something as to the future of CAV. Like some new release dates for the long overdue products. I apologize if this has offended anyone. Also me and my wife have been working on fluff for my Mercenary group for the last week. Mainly thanks to Kamut and his wonderful story on the Blood Apaches, but also because I have been putting it off for the last six months and my wife caught the writers bug and nagged me for the stuff I already had down on paper. So hopefully I will be able to post something on the Fragile Hearts in the near future. Froy
  2. All pilots and WSO's are regulars unless noted, please let me know if my numbers are wrong anywhere, it's been a while since I have played a large game. Fragile Hearts First Response Section 1, 2434 points Whisper 200 Ripper 200 Rhino Ace WSO, ACE Pilot 726 Wight Ace WSo, Pilot WSo 1108 Off Board Command Structure 200 Section 2, 1319 points Conqueror Elite WSO 372 Conqueror Elite WSo 372 Spider 256 Bishop 319 Section 3, 731 points Thug 273 Sabretooth 248 Ghast 105 Ghast 105 Section 4, 217 Talon 217
  3. At the local gaming store they have 4' x 8' tables, we pushed two of these together and had a 10,000 point battle. It was very manageable considering there was just me and the guy I was playing against. We luckily did not have to compete for the game room that morning, and thus had very few interruptions. So I would think any point value up to that number would be fun as long as it was interruption free. Also the large group when they used to meet would do blind movement on paper, and when two enemy units would come into adjoining hexes, the tables were pressed together and the units had the option of moving away or fight. We also would have open hunting nights. We would press two tables together, roll a dice and see where we came in on the board, and all of us would have 2000 point armies. Sometimes we would have up to 8 people at those games. The best times during those games were when two people came in on the same table edge in the same spot, they would either team up or start the fight straight out of the gate. Froy
  4. I have ten sections of CAVS, and four sections comprised of vehicles, tanks, and infantry. The Fragile Hearts are growing ever bigger as time goes by.
  5. I also received my Badge, Sophie, and Casket Works. Thank you Reaper staff, you guys and gals are awesome as always. Froy
  6. My favorite would be Starhawk V or the Wight
  7. Froy The Orc


    The group I was playing with turned the section activation into a three phase activation. The card for a section would flip, the section could stay, move, fire, etc. After all cards were flipped, the first section would go again, this time the power that was used from the first phase would still be applied to the section, but they could continue to fire, move, stay, etc. This would allow for a section to have more chance at using tactics, and the fact that it was divided into three parts and the power still consumed added some variation. Also it made you think about defensive fire because it stacked into the power usage. After the three phases were completedd the cards were reshuffled and the power was brought back to normal. Repair could only be rolled at the end of the three phases. This was something we were working on before the group dissolved. I unfortunately have not played a game of CAV in about three months. But I am currently working on some fluff that will maybe bring some of the players back to the table.
  8. A Rhino is definitely worth it. Nothing like luring someone into a nest of heavy hitters when you threw a lure at them. I have two of the brutes and they have seen plenty of action, and have performed well everytime.
  9. If the cards fall just right I will be attending Gen Con, but we shall have to wait and see. A social get together sounds cool, since I can't make it to Reaper Con.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, I think I will try Orchids idea. I will let you all know how it goes.
  11. I am currently painting up a Zombie Dragon, and I have decided that the side and a arm will be covered in mold. I have never attempted to make a mold covered piece, so if anyone has any suggestions, I will gladly listen and try. I have done flocking on bases, but was wondering what would make the most realistic mold and the best way to apply it.
  12. I would also drop it and maybe offer the second chance to the next highest bidder.
  13. Froy The Orc


    I thinkn it is funny how everyone dislikes Games Workshop. They do what they do well. Now this is not a statement to mean anything then that. They present a game that has variety and just enough flavor that it provides a interest to people of all ages. And it is interesting that the adults are moving towards better more advanced games, because here, they are actually moving to the games that play faster and easier so that they can get a quick game in and still have time to spend with the family. Most complaints I receive as a owner, is that people are tired of having to paint there miniatures and that they are tired of buying into tabletop games that they can't get anyone to play a game with them. Here recently we saw this happen to CAV here in our store. We had a fourteen man following, then the interest waned and now all the old CAV players are playing MechWarrior. I have a wide range of players in my store, from the young age of twelve, all the way top the 61 year old Veteran who comes in and plays every MechWarrior twice a week. I guess what I am saying, is a game is a game, and GW does not necessarily mean the end of the FLGS that you know, it could mean that they will have the income to increase there selection.
  14. That's very cool Pirannha. Froy
  15. Froy The Orc


    When the idea of fluff springs into my mind, which it is not often for anything to spring into my mind. It tells me that when you are trying to bring new players into the fold, and they ask, " So what is the history besides that of the fact that there are many different mercenary groups attempting to gain the Templars favor." You just stand there with a blank look on your face and go " Well". I mean the fact that I could hand a new player a book that detailed the races, or the planets of interest, or some house specific army list would be great. I understand that the Reaper peeps are busy, but something official would be awfully nice. And it would keep the interest of the player. I can say from experience that players after learning the system, start to look for a reason to play the game. When this happens the need for fluff, or a set of official campaign rules would be nice. Which everyone around here was waiting for the Rules of Engagement to solve these issues, but it is still not available. And we have no clue when it will be available. Also the create your own fluff rule is nice, but when you have other games that have the fluff already in existence, the players are more interested in the official thing, then some guy going " This would be great guys, but when So and So puts out the official stuff we will trash this and go with what they say." Well I have ranted enough. Froy
  16. Actually I have found that if you make a game complex by choice, and allow the players to go that extra mile, they will charge to the next mark sooner or later. CAV is simple, but there is a need for those options to keep the game fresh to those who have been with it for a while. As for the special rounds and the smoke, I think that would add that extra advantage to tactics for those who take the effort and time to equip there units with these weapons. I mean what would be greater then when you throw out a special equip round that causes your opponents sensor to lose track of your location, or a smoke round that causes them to lose the LOS.
  17. I can't wait to see the new miniatures hit my store. I can tell you a increase in price has occured for most of the miniatures. Don't know the percentage, but it has happened.
  18. Thanks Ryoken I'll check into them.
  19. The Keeper of Secrets in Games Workshop is the master of time. I have a customer in my store who wants to have his Chaos Lord riding a robotic Steedin fantasy battle. We discussed the Battle Cattle line, and sculpting his own, but he really wanted to see if he could find any that were already manufactured by a company. Thanks for everyones suggestions and help. Froy
  20. Are there any manufacturers of Robotic Cavalry. I need a hand full of Robotic Horses. If anybody can help me, I would appreciate it.
  21. I can honestly say I dislike the new D&D Plastic minis, I mean can we have a few with more then three colors. This fad of plastic minis. needs to fade away, but of course it won't. It just seems to keep growing, well hopefully the Lord Of The Rings Minis that are coming out will be better :: crosses fingers :: Well that was my rant for today.
  22. Great job on the greens, can't wait to see them on the shelves.
  23. I currently use the Battle Hive for my CAV minis, and it seems to be filling up fast. It does the job though, and I like the hard sides. It also fits my books and dice in the handy dandy tray they give you. Overall I like it.
  24. Seeing her all painted up makes me feel better about purchasing one, Great PAint Job
  25. Thanks all for the helpful comments.
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