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  1. The goal is to agree that the end of the club looks not-like stone; identify the reason why (it looks like the smoothest poured concrete EVAR); present options for bringing it up to the same standard the bone on the model has reached. Wait and see the results. I agree with the why. I agree with the presenting of the options. Hold your breath for the results as this is pretty much the ninth or tenth mini I've painted. But truly thanks, these were very good constructive options and criticism.
  2. I've started painting the giant skeleton form the first Bones kickstarter and would like some advice on his hammer. It's a really flat piece of plastic and I can't get it to look old. I used stone grey and then a black ink, but that screwed it up so I covered it with grey again and it's just bleh. If anyone's interested, the bone is 7 layers of wash and drybrush going from a dark brown to a very light bone.
  3. 2 Ikea Tertial swing arm desk lights with Philips Tornado energy saver daylight bulbs.
  4. Any chance of a close up of the eyes? They look fantastic!
  5. Personally, I use Tamiya spray surface primer (L) gray. It works perfectly with bones and metal.
  6. Don't know if this belongs here, but anyway... I landed in hospital for over 1 1/2 weeks because of an indefinable infection and as part of this, my eyes got infected as well. So for anyone who wants to paint bloodshot eyes, here is my eye as inspiration
  7. I'd definitely like to see more half-orc pc minis in male and female. I have several players that play half-orcs. Ooooh, post #50
  8. I don't know if this belongs in this forum or even if anybody is interested, but I found this video in the Royal Institute Channel on YouTube and frankly found it quite enlightening on how we perceive colours. Also check out their other videos, they are awesome (e.g. the science of fire breathing or a superconducting maglev moebius strip).
  9. I get an error message: This video is currently unavailable
  10. And all it would have taken is a Kickstarter update stating that the all minor news would be located in one thread on the Reaper forums, those that wanted more updates could check the forum thread and the others only have major updates via Kickstarter, job done.
  11. Damn right. I mean we do make up roughly 15% of the total backers and the original statement "1 day US, 1 day Canada and 1 day ROW" was never amended or revoked. And don't forget for the EU we're looking at 4-6 weeks shipping plus whatever time customs need. As mentioned in a different post, centralized communication shouldn't have been that difficult to achieve, but Reaper still is posting all over the place.
  12. Having started learn how to paint minis with the L2PKs I am wondering why are some paints so thick that I have to water down (e.g. blackened brown) but others are so runny or watery that I need 3 coats to cover the primer (e.g. walnut brown) Any ideas?
  13. I'm with Buglips on htis. Definitely an evil bunny rabbit.
  14. No, the fee was included in the Ebay price. They did make me pay the customs though and it had to be exact change and they didn't take EC or credit cards, which ticked me off quite a bit, but then I had a brand new 27" ips screen and suddenly it didn't matter that much. :-) I am nowhere near cancelling and getting everything off Ebay, but I am on your side re: the communication issues. I'm not on Facebook, there is no official thread in the Reaper forums and I can't be arsed to read through thousands of Kickstarter comments just to pick up a detail or two. It should have been centralized and made clear in a Kickstarter update where to get official information. And I don't find your rant unjustified, just the consequence now that we are so near to shipping. 40th post.
  15. That and DHL is absolutely terrible internationally -- I've also pledged on the Ouya kickstarter and my Ouya is at the mercy of DHL right now. Come to think of it, maybe I should check my tracking number to see if it's left Hong Kong by now -- last I checked it was still there and it's been over a week (China being the point of origin). M Not true. I purchased a 27" ips screen from South Korea that got shipped per DHL Worldwide Express and it arrived in 3 days. No problems at all.
  16. You can find lots of Chiana avatars here
  17. So I'm playing the Pathfinder adventure path Curse of the Crimson Throne and decided to buy a couple of minis that belong to this. This is a plague doctor from book 2 "Seven Days to the Grave" Light from below: Light from above: Tips, feedback and criticism welcome.
  18. Have you tried other carriers like DHL, Fedex, etc.? Or is UPS the only other option?
  19. Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany, because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights. f*!k
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