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  1. AHHHHHH! Nooooo! It’s in my MOUTH and in my COFFEE!!
  2. Dad bod Batman vs single and ready to mingle bod Batman.
  3. No I was careful not to get any of that stuff near my mug.
  4. Thanks! Yeah… I stepped over a puddle of glitter on my way to refill my skull-mug o’coffee. 😬
  5. Busy week for me at work. Today reinstalling win10 on 2 laptops, then getting them updated and on our domain. This afternoon updates on another laptop someone is bringing in and installing Adobe. After that troubleshooting microphone issues in our board room. 🤪 oh yeah, I’m in our IT area now. Have been for a year, guess I was absent from the forum longer than I thought lol
  6. My condolences on the loss of your fur baby. 🥲
  7. Powerlifting Thor from new GOW game coming out. 🤣
  8. Hope everyone who went to ReaperCon had a blast! The Mrs and I had a great time visiting family in Alaska. Went ATVing, got muddy, spent time with the nieces and nephews, went to the state fair, and saw some amazing scenery.
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