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  1. *ambles through the thread yawning and looking for his skull mug of endless coffee*
  2. Don’t have enough meat on their bones. It’s why I prefer... BACON!!!
  3. Those are dangerous. The bones can make you choke to death.
  4. Ewww! Get offa me, wolf! I don’t need a bath for another 2 months!
  5. I don’t have one of those. Maybe I need an upgrade?
  6. On lunch break. So much stuffs to do at work before the day is over.
  7. *spits glitter everywhere and looks at the wolf with rage in his eyes* Aaaaaaaahh!!!!!! Darn wolf!!!
  8. *Races into the thread and slams his hand down on the wolf’s red button repeatedly* BWAHAHA!!! I PUSHED IT!!!
  9. I picked up the limited edition one for Xbox one. It came with a 72mm Conan figure, which I will repaint.
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