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  1. *strides in gulp-gulp-gulping down coffee* Good morning/afternoon/evening all. Saw this and thought I’d share for a chuckle.
  2. I honestly personally wouldn’t care if FB went the way of the dinosaurs.
  3. That’s a REALLY good movie. Two thumbs up here.
  4. Good morning/afternoon/evening all. Just woke up here. Was nice to sleep in. Time to go guzzle down copious amounts of coffee. I’ll just leave this here-
  5. For those who get lost easy in corn mazes … 🤪
  6. Good morning/afternoon/evening all! *takes a long gulp-guzzle from his skull-mug* Busy at work, big meeting tomorrow that some people around here are freaking out over, it’s giving me a headache. Anyhow, hope everyone is doing well. 😁
  7. Hey! That’s Hathrög, we go way back. Good guy, a little crazy and like to take too many selfies.
  8. Good morning/afternoon/evening all - busy day at work here while guzzling coffee outta my Giant skull-mug. here’s something that made me chuckle:
  9. *stumbles through the thread blurry-eyed and guzzling coffee from his skull-mug while grunting a good morning to all* 😴
  10. AHHHHHH! Nooooo! It’s in my MOUTH and in my COFFEE!!
  11. Dad bod Batman vs single and ready to mingle bod Batman.
  12. No I was careful not to get any of that stuff near my mug.
  13. Thanks! Yeah… I stepped over a puddle of glitter on my way to refill my skull-mug o’coffee. 😬
  14. Busy week for me at work. Today reinstalling win10 on 2 laptops, then getting them updated and on our domain. This afternoon updates on another laptop someone is bringing in and installing Adobe. After that troubleshooting microphone issues in our board room. 🤪 oh yeah, I’m in our IT area now. Have been for a year, guess I was absent from the forum longer than I thought lol
  15. My condolences on the loss of your fur baby. 🥲
  16. Powerlifting Thor from new GOW game coming out. 🤣
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