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  1. Awesome work so far and I always love how you explain everything in so much detail for the rest of us!
  2. Very happy to hear that you got a new (and better) job quickly! Can't wait to see more of your inspired things that you put out. It's alright, I'm used it it now. Trying to get back into it slowly and shake the rust off, started working on some bones hill giants I had on my desk for about a year and paint them at tabletop level. I feel like a newb again though. It's crazy how fast we lose our skills when we don't use them often. I'm also going to paint up a couple more figures for my D&D gaming group as I'm picking up the DM reins again in October.
  3. Yeah, been busy and not much (or any hobbying) going on lately. Kinda lost my mojo and then couldn't make it to ReaperCon this year, so it's been a little rough. How's everything with you?
  4. Yeah, not able to go this year. Maybe next year!
  5. Yup. I’ll be there next year I think. Just bad timing this year.
  6. Have fun this year everyone! I won't be able to join you, so pour a drop of paint out on your palette for me.
  7. *ambles through the thread yawning and looking for his skull mug of endless coffee*
  8. Don’t have enough meat on their bones. It’s why I prefer... BACON!!!
  9. Those are dangerous. The bones can make you choke to death.
  10. Ewww! Get offa me, wolf! I don’t need a bath for another 2 months!
  11. I don’t have one of those. Maybe I need an upgrade?
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