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  1. On lunch break. So much stuffs to do at work before the day is over.
  2. *spits glitter everywhere and looks at the wolf with rage in his eyes* Aaaaaaaahh!!!!!! Darn wolf!!!
  3. *Races into the thread and slams his hand down on the wolf’s red button repeatedly* BWAHAHA!!! I PUSHED IT!!!
  4. I picked up the limited edition one for Xbox one. It came with a 72mm Conan figure, which I will repaint.
  5. Move on. You’re awesome at what you do. I’d like to see you be able to become your own boss. To that end, the webpage you helped me create and maintain will be going wherever you go.
  6. Thanks all! I just woke up and got ready for the day. Going to spend it with Mrs. N3rd. The big 40! We will go see a movie today and go out to a nice dinner tonight as we both took the day off work.
  7. Yeah. Lurking sometimes as I’ve been busy with other stuff and haven’t been hobbying. Thanks! I’m looking forward to this table. All the reviews of the prototypes were great and they seem to really be wanting to provide a great product with great customer service. I was actually contacted by them last night right after ordering the above. I had missed that the table already comes with a black mat and they wanted to know if I wanted a 2nd one or if I wanted to cancel it and get the mat cost refunded. I opted to get refunded for the mat and not 30 minutes later got an email saying it had been done. Good omen for me the looking out for customers and being proactive!
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